Characteristic catering in Xishuangbanna City area

Xishuangbanna is a place that many people dream of, not only because it allows people to experience exotic atmosphere without leaving the country, but also because of its countless delicious food. Xishuangbanna has a very unique cuisine.

LoLo Ice House

The most popular local fast food holy place, liangfen, rice noodles and various cold drinks.

Shawan Coconut Dana Gourmet Restaurant

Burmese-style specialty fast food, with a very unique taste, worth a try.

Akka Tribe

The unique and delicious cuisine of the Ainu people is worth trying.

Lemon Dalo Fei

Classic barbecue in the downtown area, Dai ethnic flavor.

Yula Dai traditional music

The farmhouse with Dai flavor is located in the vicinity of the urban area, in a Dai village.