Recommendations for hot springs in Harbin

Harbin, known as the "Ice City," of course, you must soak in hot springs in winter. Here are the top 6 hot spring locations. Go check them out and take some photos!

Engjie Scenic Area

Engjie Scenic Area is located in the southwest of Bin County. It is dedicated to building a tourist complex and developing interactive entertainment and leisure projects such as cold region hot springs, rural picking, and water parks. It relies on the advantages of mountains, water, and forests to create natural scenery suitable for leisure vacations. Currently, it is the closest hot spring experience place to Harbin.

Dadingzi Mountain Hot Spring Tourist Area

DaDingZi Mountain Hot Spring Resort is the closest hot spring resort to Harbin city. It is also the largest and most modern water park in Northeast China, with a theme of "Happy Family". The whole hot spring resort is built along the widest part of the Songhua River, with a tropical rainforest and Japanese-style hot springs. It features glass houses for 360° view of the river, as well as a children's playground, making it a great destination for a short hot spring trip.
Outdoor high-end hot springs wellness area, suitable water temperature, clear and clean water quality.
The Muqing Tangquan (Kaidexixing Street Store) is located in Harbin, Heilongjiang, and is a popular destination for locals to relax and unwind. It has an indoor children's playground, making it a great place to bring kids.

Beautiful Island Hot Springs

The Beautiful Island Cultural and Tourism Complex is a cultural tourism brand with Russian culture as its theme and Russian-style architecture as its carrier. It is a benchmark for Northern hot spring theme water parks and has become a cultural tourism brand for the "City of Ice in Summer" and snow spa. Its main functions include high-quality hot spring tourism, vacation, and leisure resort, which integrates indoor and outdoor hot springs, outdoor water park with fairy tale castles, indoor children's playground, resort hotels, villas, international cuisine, and high-end business conferences.