Recommended Snow Valley Farmhouse in Harbin

In Xuegu, there are many distinctive farmhouse inns. They vary in size and are either exquisitely decorated or simply furnished. Each farmhouse has its own story, with a room, a bed, and a light, waiting for you from afar to come and listen.

Intoxicating Valley

Zhuiren Valley is the destination of Xuegu Art, different from the rough ecology in traditional rural courtyards, Zhuiren Valley has carefully arranged original and intentionally created old times. Zhuiren Valley condenses the past of Dongsheng Forest Farm in an artistic way, showing people a time that will never return. In Xuegu, Zhuiren Valley is not only a temporary residence, but also a place to see and listen to stories.

Xuegu E-Home Farmhouse

E-home farmhouse is the closest residence to the forest in Xuegu. It is far away from the main street, without noisy tourists during the day and no bright red lights at night. What remains is pure snow, an endless forest, and a tranquil atmosphere. Behind the E-home courtyard is the forest farm, unlike the carefully pressed snow road along the journey, the forest farm is covered in soft, knee-deep snow, the real snow of the north.

Yuan Lai Guesthouse

Wuchang Xuegu Yuenlai Guesthouse offers complete facilities, such as sleeping on a heated kang, eating wild game, northeastern rural cuisine, playing in the snow, snow tubing, horse sledding, dog sledding, skiing, ice skating, providing integrated tourism services including food, accommodation, transportation, charter services, and guides, cooking authentic northeastern rural cuisine with pure northeastern wild game and wild vegetables.

Xuegu Ji Xiang Residence

Experience snowmobile, ride the snowmobile in the snowy forest, this is an experience only available in the snow valley. Indoor karaoke hall adds music to your journey.

Wuchang East Ascending Time Traveler's Home

Excellent environment, indoor restroom, and radiant heating.

Wuchang Longjiang Snow Valley Gao Sheng Inn

Authentic Northeastern cuisine can be tasted while experiencing the traditional Northeastern heated kang bed.