Must-visit designer discount stores in Hong Kong for shopping spree

As a shopping paradise, Hong Kong has gathered many discount stores of various brands. The discount factories scattered throughout the city are the favorite of smart shoppers. Among the numerous discount factory stores, which one is your favorite?

The only famous discount shopping mall in Hong Kong, with over 80 brands including international fashion, sportswear, children's clothing, etc. It is definitely a great place to shop, as all brands offer discounts of at least 30%-70% throughout the year, very cost-effective. In addition to shopping, you can also enjoy spa treatments, movie entertainment, and various international cuisines, all in one place.
In a comprehensive shopping mall, there are over 130 mid-to-high-end brand stores, including many maternity and baby supplies stores, children's clothing stores, and toy stores. The building is divided into two floors, with popular stores like I.T Outlet, Watsons, and Suning on the lower floor, and various clothing and accessory stores on the upper floor. The higher floor has restaurants and attractions like the Toys"R"Us and Lotus Family Fun Center, which are great for bringing children along for a visit.
Xinhaiyi Square itself is a top-notch outlet plaza with 28 floors. It not only has Lane Crawford and Joyce's discount stores but also many other outlets like Armani, Polo, Vivienne Westwood, Max Mara, Diesel, etc. With over 20 large and small outlets, Xinhaiyi Square may not be as famous as Tung Chung Citygate, but if you only buy branded products, it is definitely a better option.
Located on the first floor of Donghui City, it offers both men's and women's clothing with a significant discount, as low as 80% off. All IT brands are available, although the clothes are somewhat disordered, careful selection can still lead to finding suitable clothing, shoes, socks, accessories, etc.

Esprit outlet

Hong Kong's famous brand discount stores have a wide selection of brands and are a must-visit for anyone in Hong Kong. There is more than just clothing here, with accessories, home goods, entertainment, restaurants, and cafes available. You can take a break, grab a bite to eat, and continue shopping when you get tired.