You can only taste the old Suzhou flavor from these shops

The old Suzhou flavor from our grandfathers' generation is the last gift this city has left for us. Take the nostalgic flavor with you and explore these food routes! It is sure to surprise and amaze you.

Huang Tian Yuan Food Co., Ltd

Huang Tianyuan was founded in the first year of the Daoguang reign (1821 AD). It primarily produces and sells various types of pastries and snacks. The store showcases loose snacks in glass counters and sells pastries at the door. As a renowned state-owned time-honored brand, Huang Tianyuan's pastries are considered the signature of Suzhou. It is a highly popular store with locals, enjoyed by Suzhou people from childhood to adulthood and especially popular during festivals.

Cai Zhi Zhai (Guanqian Street)

Cai Zhi Zhai candy store, located in the eastern section of Guanqian Street, is a renowned old brand with a history of over 100 years. Its traditional products, such as Zongzi candy, pine nut candy, sesame crisps, rose sunflower seeds, crispy plum, and the marinated tofu from Suzhou Food Factory, are very popular among people of all ages in Suzhou.

Ye Shou and (Guanqian Street Store)

Located on Guanqian Street, Suzhou's time-honored brand offers a variety of snacks and pastries from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, freshly made on-site. They are sweet and delicate, with both sweet and savory options available. They are great for buying as gifts for friends and family, or for personal consumption. The cost performance is very high, and they also have seasonal pastries such as Qingtuan and mooncakes.

Rice Fragrance Village

Century-old prestigious brand, known as the "pastry master and supreme art of baking".

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Lu Gao Jian was founded in the second year of Kangxi (1663 AD). The first shop seen when walking from Cufang Bridge to Guanqian Street was Lu Gao Jian, which sells cooked food. The window selling condimented meat is often lined up, and it is very popular. Lu Gao Jian is famous for its sauce-coated meat in Suzhou, with fatty but not greasy pork belly that melts in the mouth, and has a sweet and delicious taste.

Epicenter Life Pan-fried (Cai Xiang Store)

Shengjian looks plain, but has thin and crispy skin, plentiful filling and delicious taste; wonton is just average. The environment is not great, but because of its good quality and affordable price, there is a continuous stream of people lining up.