Secret Recipe Chicken Feet, a must-try braised delicacy in Suzhou

The braised flavors in Suzhou are a must-try specialty, so I recommend several local braised flavor shops that you must not miss.

Zhao Yuanzhang Braised Pork Ribs (Shantang Street Branch)

Delicious dishes covered in thick sauce, satisfying the taste buds of foodies.

Chicken Feet Corner (Pingjiang Road Branch)

Chicken feet niche is located in a small alley at the intersection of Pingjiang Road, with a yellow flag hanging at the entrance. It says "Jiangnan specialty snack Chicken Feet Niche" on it. There are a few simple outdoor seats outside the shop. Their signature dish, tender and light chicken feet, is always in high demand, often resulting in customers lining up from inside the shop to outside.

Xiangxin Catering Shop

Famous Suzhou snacks on the list, with a history of over 20 years.

Zhu Hongxing Noodle House

Traditional noodle shop, with char siu and braised dishes as highlights.

Secret recipe chicken feet in the imperial city

The store's name indicates that it specializes in selling chicken claws. The sauce for the chicken claws is rich in soy flavor, and they are tender and well seasoned. They are salty-sweet with a bit of spicy taste. The environment is nice, located by the river, and you can also take a walk and listen to storytelling across the street. It is worth mentioning that this small store is very popular, so be prepared to wait in a long queue if you want to try it.

Du San Zhen (Shi Lu Direct Store)

Su-style traditional savory shop. The flavors of the savory dishes change with the seasons. Especially during the winter solstice, there is a long queue of people buying honey-glazed duck, which is a splendid scene. The taste is sweet and it is a traditional flavor of Suzhou. The soy pork, char siu, and marinated goose in the shop are all authentic and worth buying.

Recommended draft

Lugaojian was founded in the second year of Kangxi era (1663 AD). The first shop I saw walking from Cufangqiao to Guanqian Street was Lugaojian. The window selling cooked food was always crowded, and it was very popular. Lugaojian is famous for its sauced meat in Suzhou. The fatty but not greasy pork belly melts in the mouth and has a sweet taste.