Chiang Mai's popular internet celebrity check-in spot

Chiang Mai, with its slow pace, is home to many Instagram-worthy shops such as cafes, restaurants, and ice cream parlors featuring various vacation and industrial styles. They are perfect for taking photos and enjoying desserts and drinks. There is always one that suits you.

Minimalist and cool style, creative breakfast and coffee shop with a yellow and white color scheme. Outside the shop, there are chairs specifically designed for tourists to take photos. It is recommended to visit on a sunny morning. The menu mainly features soy milk products, including signature soy milk, pumpkin soy milk, soy milk coffee, and other beverages that are worth trying.
Minimalist and cool style, simple and bright, white ceramic tile walls, marble pattern countertops, wooden hangers, KINFOLK magazines... All these elements make many local stars and internet celebrities like to take photos here. In the store, you can order a popular "Cinnamon Orange Slice Rosemary Cold Brew Coffee" to blend warmth and refreshing flavors.

Cafe Graph

Natural logs, the store is hidden in a small alley in the ancient city area, giving a sense of being hidden in the hustle and bustle of the city. The shop displays the owner's exclusive collection, including hats, cameras, and watches, which are quite meaningful. The combination of sweet milk, activated charcoal, and coffee, as well as rose cold brew, are all popular items in the store.

Daddy's cafe and restaurant

The appearance of the European castle, a whole wall clock, and a large area of succulent plants make you feel like you are in a slow-paced European town. It is recommended to come here in the afternoon and stay until dusk.

Das Cafe Am Dom

The biggest symbol of the store is a black cat sculpture carrying a Chanel bag. The desserts in the store are very heartwarming in terms of shape and ingredients. Take the popular Watermelon Shaved Ice as an example. Not only is the appearance shaped like a watermelon, but it is also filled with fresh and sweet ingredients, emitting white mist when served.


A coffee shop mainly selling household goods, with fairy-tale-style illustrations hanging on the walls, a series of colorful pillows, dolls, and bowls creating a warm texture.

Woo Cafe - Art Gallery - Lifestyle Shop

Full of artistic atmosphere, various bottles and jars are filled with a dazzling array of green plants and flowers. Rice Salad is a must-try dish here, with a strong aroma of Thai spices and a special refreshing taste.

Frose yogurt cafe

Cute and quirky girls, flamingo at the store entrance, letter-shaped light tubes, and a lot of pink decor. The shop mainly sells low-fat yogurt, and for the little fairies, rainbow cake is a must-have dessert here.
Many people come for the large dog sculpture in the garden, and the store is full of cartoon elements, making it great for taking pictures ~ The store has a fairly complete menu.

Anchan such

Powerful visual impact, featuring mainly "blue food" colored with a natural dye from a plant called "butterfly pea" widely used in Thailand. Blue noodles~ Color-changing beverage~

Ristr8to lab

The most eye-catching thing is the cup in the shape of a skull, which everyone comes to take pictures with. The owner also won the 2017 World Latte Art Championship.

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