Teaching you how to play jungle leap in Chiang Mai

Jungle trekking has become the preferred outdoor activity for visiting Chiang Mai in recent years. It involves high-speed descents and traverses between different terrains, offering a unique and thrilling experience to enjoy natural scenery. Chiang Mai has many different jungle trekking companies, each with its own distinct features. When choosing, it is recommended to compare at least three companies, not just for the price but also for safety, experience, and level of excitement. Jungle trekking takes place in the mountains, so it is important to listen to the coach's instructions, pay attention to safety, and protect against insects and mosquitoes. Wear appropriate sportswear, and girls should tie up their hair.

Dragon Flight

Oldest jungle leap company, level of excitement: medium-high, with 35 leap platforms, reference price: 380-460 yuan, with 3 different routes.

The jungle flying squirrels

Stimulation level: moderate to low, suitable for parent-child participation, reference price: around 280 yuan.

Gibbons fly through the jungle

"The jungle leap that allows you to see the gibbons is unique, and although it is expensive, it is also very distinctive. The regular ticket price is 4199 Thai baht and there are also routes and services available for children."

The jungle flying eagle

The best jungle leap with the most beautiful scenery where you can see terraced fields. Excitement level: Low.

Skyline Adventure

Known as "the most thrilling" jungle leap, it has 48 leap platforms and a 900-meter-long longest cableway, with a reference price of around 300 yuan.