A Comprehensive Guide to Bangkok's Must-Visit Hidden Gems: Trendy Hotels

Bangkok is definitely the most friendly place for girls who love beauty and taking photos! Click here, little fairies! Let you take big shots and dominate your circle of friends!

The invincible high-altitude infinity pool hotel, all of Bangkok's beautiful scenery is yours! While soaking in the pool, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Bangkok as if all your troubles are suddenly cleared! The hotel also has a transparent glass floor, which is really exciting. If you capture the angle well, it's like a floating fairy~
The vintage red palace-style hotel by the Mekong River is a popular spot for magazine shoots! The interior decor combines Southeast Asian elements with exquisite palace-style features, adorned with fresh and artsy paintings, vases, and much more - every corner is perfect for magazine shoots!

The mousse donilu hotel

Magical homestay, where you can feel the fun of the Night at the Museum! The homestay is full of various types of green plants, and there is a glass room displaying large animal specimens collected by the shop owner, such as giraffes, tigers, and lions, just like a small African grassland. Guests staying here can ask the service staff to take pictures here, which is really full of style!
Chanel chose to shoot its advertisement in this fully magical Thai hotel, which exudes a strong sense of fairyland. The hotel overall is designed in a minimalist European style that is low-key yet conveys a deep meaning. Every floor, corridor, and room features a theme related to flowers and birds, each with its own unique approach. The European-style decor features a touch of vintage, with a rotating staircase, eye-catching golden birdcage chandeliers, and floral wallpaper in an oil painting style... every detail is exquisite and full of design sense.
A highly cost-effective frigid style hotel! The most attractive feature of the entire hotel is the bathtub in the room, and it is also a massage bathtub! Full of ins style, the super large arched floor-to-ceiling windows are in front of the sunken bathtub, with green plants and white wooden hangers placed next to it. The room is full of many marble elements, and this style is really irresistible! Playing with a bathtub full of bubbles or petals, pouring a small glass of red wine and sipping it is really quite romantic!
Stay in a super stylish hotel for only 100 yuan per person and experience the charm of old Bangkok! The hotel's first floor serves as a café and bar, while the upper floors are a residential area. The hotel still retains its Chinese-style iron doors, wooden doors and windows, and incorporates Thai-printed carpets and other decor elements. The Chinese-Thai hybrid retro style decoration is very cost-effective at only 100 yuan per person, making it easy to capture the essence of a Wong Kar-wai film!
Bangkok's old town area has a colonial style, with a slowly retro feel.

Prestige hotel, okura, Bangkok

The high-altitude infinity pool is perfect for taking pictures in swimwear while admiring the beautiful night view of the entire city. All hotel rooms are located on or above the 26th floor and feature an elegant modern design that provides a comfortable atmosphere.
180° invincible city night view! The whole Bangkok is at your feet. Soak in the infinity pool, enjoy the view of the city skyscrapers, and admire the blue sky and white clouds. The feeling of vacation is really wonderful~

Nemrut Kervansaray Hotel

Each person spends 350 yuan to stay in the aristocratic white garden villa, which is located in the garden and consists of exquisite white houses with a blend of Lanna-style retro elegance and European court style. The rooms are transparent and white, and the wooden floors are as smooth as a mirror, providing excellent ventilation and lighting. It's a far cry from the gloomy impression of ancient buildings.
Vintage Museum Hotel! Full of memories of the old town~ There are engravings, printing machines and other furnishings in many places, and various vintage small objects are placed in the corridors, which is very romantic ~ It is very suitable for taking a set of vintage photos!