6 popular spas in Chiang Mai

The leisurely pace of Chiang Mai makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy a spa experience. These 6 spas are extremely popular in Chiang Mai, see which one suits your taste!

Chiang Mai Women

High cost performance, with competitive prices among many Spas. The masseuses are female prisoners serving their sentences for minor offenses, and the government aims to help them reintegrate into society.

Let's Relax - Thapae

Thai chain restaurant with guaranteed reputation, there are three branches in Chiang Mai. Wide range of dishes with authentic techniques and high cost performance.

Lila Thai Massage

A non-profit massage parlor operated by former prison director, where the massage therapists are released female prisoners. Chiang Mai has a total of 6 chain stores, and free transportation service is available for purchases over 600 Thai baht.

Ohasis Hotel Jujuy & Spa

Luxury Thai chain, with 5 locations in Chiang Mai, repeatedly awarded international spa honors. Combining music and aromatherapy to focus on providing mental relaxation and pleasure. High level of privacy, with signature oil massages as their specialty.

Fah Lanna Massage - Night Bazaar

Luxury style, shooting location of the movie "Lost in Thailand", highly recommended Tok Sen massage, which is said to have a history of 5,000 years. The masseurs use massage cream to soothe muscles and then use small wooden hammers to tap acupoints on the body. The store is small and hard to find, but the interior is a hidden gem.

Deck 1, Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort

Light luxury style, ancient mansion transformation, multiple SPA types including Thai-style therapy and Japanese hot springs, alternating use of hot springs, cold springs and carbonated water, expert on duty to customize hydrotherapy plans and provide self-service of northern Thai cuisine.