Zhuhai specialty seafood products

Coming to Zhuhai is not only about enjoying the scenery, but also about trying the seafood here, which has its own unique flavors.

Food God Seafood City (Tangjiadian)

Food God Seafood City is a restaurant specializing in seafood. The dining environment is elegant and the service is welcoming. The cheese-baked oysters are a must-try dish at every table, with a delicious and smooth cheese flavor. The Supreme Pot is rich in flavor and highly recommended, with top-notch quality.

Stone House Restaurant

The restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh seafood with original authentic flavors, catering to the local taste. The prices are reasonable and suitable for family gatherings. The dining area is spacious, although the decoration is a bit outdated, wedding banquets can be held there. As a well-established Cantonese restaurant in Zhuhai, its quality has remained stable over the years. It serves authentic Cantonese cuisine, including a wide range of fresh seafood, cooked in traditional styles. The prices are fair. Recommended dishes include various seafood, roast goose, and grilled oysters.

CW Seafood Street Chun Lam Seafood Restaurant

Chuanlin Restaurant is located on the famous seafood street in Zhuhai. It has convenient transportation, comfortable dining environment, and attentive service. The dishes here integrate the essence of major cuisines from both north and south, and have been carefully studied by famous chefs, with a variety of signature dishes. The specialty stir-fry dishes are authentic in flavor, especially the wide variety of seafood that is delicious and highly praised by diners.

Hengqin Community Restaurant

Hengqin Island is a famous place in Zhuhai for eating oysters and is also a unique fishing village known for its local delicacies. Hengqin Community Restaurant is a rustic farmhouse restaurant on the island, where carefully selected ingredients ensure high-quality dishes. The oysters in the restaurant are fresh and full of vitality, waiting for oyster enthusiasts from all over the world. After experiencing the island's charm, it's also a great plan to enjoy a seafood feast.

Temple Bay Deep Sea Fish Market

Miaowan Deep Sea Fish Stall is a highly popular deep-sea food stall in the local area, always packed with customers every day, near the Lover's Lane. Moreover, this place offers affordable prices and is considered a restaurant with good value for money. Spot prawns, oysters, and other dishes sell out quickly, so it's best to go early.

Nanping Seafood Street

Fresh seafood is available here for self-selection, and the processing fee is also inexpensive. It is the preferred place for enjoying a seafood feast.

Li Yuan Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is a very traditional Cantonese tea restaurant, with affordable and abundant varieties of tea snacks. The main dishes are Cantonese cuisine, tea snacks, and seafood. The recommended dishes include Liyuan Shrimp Dumplings, Lava Buns, Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce, and Durian Puffs. If you want to experience Guangdong's morning tea culture and Cantonese flavors, this authentic old restaurant should be a good choice.