Must-try Authentic Local Snacks in Zhuhai

Zhuhai Specialty Snack Guide, a must-try gastronomic feast for food enthusiasts!

Uncle Qi's noodle shop

Recommend the shrimp dumpling noodle soup, a local favorite.

Delicious Porridge Stall

Well-known old shop, embellished the late night time of Zhuhai people.

Zhu Yuan Si Hai Curry Fish Balls (Lotus Road, Branch One)

Famous Cantonese-style curry fish balls, don't miss them.

The Flavorful Forest (Yanhe Road Branch)

Wei Zhi Lin (Yanhe Road Branch) specializes in Shunde cuisine. The restaurant has a tranquil and elegant environment, exuding a dignified atmosphere. The layout of the restaurant is reasonable, and the dining hall is clean and tidy. The signature dish, Chenpi Duck, is flavorful and has an exceptional texture.

Yijian Cuisine Food Plaza (Beiling Store)

The locals like to come here for morning tea, which includes a variety of Cantonese dim sum dishes. The signature dishes are shrimp dumplings and chicken feet with black bean sauce.