Zhuhai featured hotel with ocean view

When you come to Zhuhai, this beautiful seaside city, how can you not stay in a hotel with a sea view! Let me introduce a few to you immediately, you must go and try, the scenery is super beautiful.

ZhuHai Regis Hotel

The Zhuhai Ritz-Carlton Hotel is located on the waterfront of Wan Chai, facing Macau across the water. It stands proudly in the center of Zhuhai, offering a panoramic view of the expansive bay area and the bustling cityscape of Zhuhai and Macau from a cloud-like perspective.

Zhuhai Bay Hotel

The hotel is located in the central area of Gongbei, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai. It is backed by the lush Gen. Mountain and faces the vast South China Sea, providing an extraordinary experience with stunning views of the sea and mountains.

Zhuhai Huafa·Exhibition Administrative Apartment

Zhuhai Huafa Exhibition Executive Apartment is located in the central business district of Zhuhai Shizimen, Yinwan Road, facing Macau and Hengqin Free Trade Zone across the water. It is adjacent to Zhuhai International Conference Center and Exhibition Center. It forms a rare domestic exhibition complex with Zhuhai Huafa Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Huafa Sheraton Hotel, Zhongyan Opera House and Music Hall, fashion commercial district, and Grade A office buildings.

Zhuhai Wanyue Hotel

Zhuhai Wanyue Hotel is located in the prime area of Gongbei Port, adjacent to Macau and facing the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. It features a European-style decoration with a touch of Macau's charm. The hotel offers spacious rooms, a fitness center, restaurant, banquet hall, foot spa, and other entertainment facilities.

Zhuhai Crowne Plaza Hotel

Zhuhai Yijing Bay Hotel is located on Lovers' Middle Road in the Jida district of Zhuhai, adjacent to shopping centers. It is the preferred choice for business visits and vacation travel in Zhuhai. The comfortable and cozy rooms allow you to enjoy the beautiful subtropical ocean scenery without leaving your room, with a panoramic view of the charming scenery of the seaside city.