Zhuhai | Super popular tourist attraction exploding on Ins

Zhuhai, one of the cities in China with the highest happiness index. The opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the biennial China Airshow has made this typically low-profile coastal town become a rising "Internet celebrity".

Gree Coast Park with few people

New shopping mall by the seaside. Visit exhibitions, browse bookstore, watch movies, relax and enjoy good food. Don't miss the white spiral staircase, perfect for taking photos.

The largest 3D "wall painting village" in China

The Lihua Mural Village in Seoul is well-known among friends who watch Korean dramas. Now, there's no need to go abroad because there's a hidden treasure across from Zhuhai Railway Station. This is Zhuhai's first 3D mural village and currently the largest outdoor mural art project in China.

"Beishan Village", the favorite of young artists

"Old Warehouse" is the most popular shop in the village, converted from an old cinema. It brings together multiple retro lifestyle aesthetic brands, selling not only old items but also memories of the city. The vintage atmosphere takes you back to half a century ago.

Vintage internet-famous tea restaurant "Shaxi Brothers"

The "Shaxi Brothers" is located in a hidden place, tucked away in a corner of the market in Beishan Village, without even a sign. But because of its delicious taste and great value for money, it has now become very popular. The pork chop, egg, and pineapple bun are their signature dish, which is in limited supply every day and might be sold out if you come late.

"Completing the entire journey leads to being in a relationship (jokingly referred to as the 'couple's way')."

"Lovers' Road" is the most famous road in Zhuhai, winding along the coastline for dozens of kilometers, lined with coconut trees. It not only passes by the childhood memories of Zhuhai people - beach swimming pools, seaside parks, and Zhuhai fisherwomen.

Romantic new landmark "Sun Moon Bay Grand Theatre"

The "Sun Moon Bay Grand Theatre" on the island is a new landmark in Zhuhai. It consists of two shells, one big and one small, and looks a bit like the Sydney Opera House.

Zhuhai version of Maldives "Dong'ao Island"

The seawater is much clearer in Nansha Bay than on the main island of Zhuhai, especially at "Diamond Beach", reminding people of McDull's classic quote: "Here, there are coconut trees casting shadows, clear waters and fine sand, like a paradise at sea."