Ding! Zhuhai morning tea check-in

In Zhuhai, besides enjoying seafood, delicious morning tea is also a classic choice. Zhuhai has many excellent morning tea restaurants, whether they are old traditional ones or modern ones, you can taste authentic and delicious morning tea. If you want to eat the best morning tea, these are the places to go!

Gulf One Product

The restaurant is located in the well-established Bay Hotel in Zhuhai, overlooking the mountains and the sea, with excellent scenery. The restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine and maintains the standards of a well-established hotel in terms of both food and tea. The shrimp dumplings, mustard fish fillet spring rolls, and young pigeon are highly praised. The Peking duck is also a highlight here, roasted in a special oven, with a reddish color, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and the meat is fatty but not greasy, worth a try.

Healthy Food Grand Plaza (Beiling Branch)

The restaurant is located on Bei Lingling South Road, with many nearby options for food and shopping. Many locals like to come here for breakfast tea. The restaurant is spacious and bright, with a wide variety of menu options that are fresh and delicious, with a light and nutritious taste. The shrimp dumplings have thin skin and a large filling, and their translucent appearance is attractive. The chicken feet in black bean sauce are soft and flavorful. The custard lava buns and durian pastries are also very good. The restaurant is open until late at night, so don't miss it when you come to Zhuhai.

Hoi Kee Restaurant

A remote farmhouse restaurant with excellent reputation and booming business. It offers authentic rural-style dishes, with highly recommended specialties including Braised Duck, Taro Stew, and Dried Tangerine Peel Spare Ribs.

Flavor Forest (Yanhe Road branch)

Wai Zhi Lin (Yanhe Road Branch) specializes in Shunde cuisine. The restaurant has an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere with a reasonable layout and clean dining area. The signature dish, Chenpi Duck, is flavorful and has an exceptional texture.

Xinhai Li (Beiling Store)

Xin Hai Li, the restaurant has a luxurious appearance, a wide variety of dishes, good quality ingredients, and specializes in seafood. Their fried squab is a delicious and exquisite signature dish worth trying. The desserts are also large portions and great value. The interior of the restaurant is very clean and refreshing, with neatly arranged tables and chairs, providing a comfortable dining experience.

Golden Joyful Seafood Restaurant (Gongbei Branch)

A selection of authentic Cantonese cuisine is available in Zhuhai, offering a variety of traditional Guangdong flavors including dim sum, seafood, roasted meat, and stir-fried dishes. Creative dishes that combine traditional and innovative cooking methods are also featured. The dishes are beautifully presented, pleasing to the eye. The restaurant offers an elegant and comfortable environment with attentive service.

Miaowan deep-sea fish stall

Miaowan Deep Sea Fish Stall is a highly popular deep-sea seafood stall in the local area, always packed with customers every day. It is located near the Lovers' Lane. Moreover, this place offers affordable prices and is known for its good value. Items like mantis shrimp and oysters should be ordered early, as they sell out quickly.