To truly experience Zhuhai Chimelong, you need to explore everything it has to offer (including hotel recommendations)

Speaking of Chimelong, everyone is probably familiar with it, but do you know about Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Hengqin, Zhuhai? Here, you can find the world's best marine kingdom and a magnificent circus that is no less impressive than Chimelong in Guangzhou. The beautifully decorated Penguin Hotel has penguins accompanying you during meals, and the Hengqin Bay Hotel features a water park that rivals professional amusement parks. Let me explain it to you!

Recommended Highlight: Ocean Kingdom

If you can only choose one oceanarium in the world, then Chimelong Ocean Kingdom would be the ultimate choice. It can be understood as a combination of an oceanarium and an amusement park, where you can immerse yourself in the underwater world and experience thrilling rides. Recommended attractions include three major shows (highly recommended), the Guinness World Record Shark and Ray Bay, and Asia's first water flying coaster-Parrot Coaster.

Hengqin Island Theatre: Grand Circus

The exterior of the Hengqin Island Theatre is very unique, designed with inspiration from sea hares. Combined with the surrounding scenery, it creates a feeling of a European circus village.

Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel

Hengqin Bay Water World Hotel Beach Park has a 12,000 square meter water world. The Flamingo Lake Heart Island is located in the north garden of the hotel, where there are large groups of flamingos. The fresh environment, similar to a natural park, is very suitable for couples to take a walk. Dolphin Journey hotel has a dolphin pool inside.

Circus Hotel

It is next to the Hengqin Island Theater, modeled after a typical European town, with uniquely shaped and colorful small bell towers, creating a European town style with exotic charm. It is only a 5-minute drive from the hotel to the Hengqin Port, which provides direct access to Macau. If you want to travel between Hong Kong and Zhuhai, it only takes 45 minutes from the hotel to Jiuzhou Port. The transportation is quite convenient.

Chimelong Penguin Hotel

In the middle of the emperor penguin buffet and the food street, there is a space of over 500 square meters, divided into temperate and cold zones, where over 60 emperor penguins, crested penguins, and Adelie penguins are kept. It's fun to eat while watching the chubby penguins waddling around. You can enjoy the buffet while watching the magic penguin carnival performance.