Great places for a parent-child trip in Zhuhai

In the fast-paced life, have you ever missed the innocent and worry-free childhood you once had?

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is located in Chimelong International Ocean Resort in Zhuhai. It is one of the world's largest marine theme parks. The park is divided into eight main areas, featuring various rare marine animal exhibits, thrilling rides, and three theaters for shows. Visitors can also enjoy global cuisines and shopping. Don't miss out on the wonderful experience.

Zuhai Haiquan Bay Mysterious Island Amusement Park

Mysterious Island Park is composed of six areas: Lucky Avenue, Adventure Jungle, Mysterious Island, Pirate Castle, Mermaid Lake, and Caribbean Coast. It is the main entertainment attraction in Haiquan Bay Resort. In addition to enjoying various thrilling rides, visitors can also watch exotic performances, making it suitable for family outings.

Zhuhai Grand Theater

Design proposals for Zhuhai Grand Theatre are not only inspired by the unique marine species "Nautilus", but also extract the image of "shells" to further express the significance of space with modern building materials and techniques. The forms of two "shells", one big and one small, constitute the overall image of the opera house, which can be seen "elegantly standing" above the sea in a relatively large area of the city.

Yuanmingxin Garden

Built in a 1:1 scale as an imitation of the Yuanmingyuan, it showcases the grandeur of a small royal garden and features top-level special effects performances.

One Tree Island

You can see islands in the sea from Guangdong that overlook the city area of Hong Kong. Enjoy leisurely vacation time by exploring mountains, playing in the water, and indulging in seafood.

Haiquan Bay Dream Theater

Experience unique ocean hot springs and watch large-scale stage plays, very interesting.

Dong'ao Island

Climbing mountains, swimming in Nanshawan, and visiting historical sites such as cliff carvings and Chongcheng.