The most beautiful sunset viewing platform in Phuket Island

As you gaze upon the golden scales scattered across the sea surface, the clouds in the sky are tinged with layers of pink, purple, and golden hues... The sunset in Phuket usually takes place between 6:00-6:30, so it is recommended to arrive before then and select a clear day for the best viewing experience.

The Divine Peninsula is located at the southernmost point of Phuket Island and is the best place to enjoy a charming sunset. Located on the mountaintop with a wide view, many tourists and couples gather here every evening to feel the romantic atmosphere. In addition, the Four-Faced Buddha also exists on the Divine Peninsula, which is the belief of local Thai people. Prayer offerings should be made clockwise, and after making a wish, it is necessary to return to fulfill the vow. The Ninth Reign King Memorial Lighthouse also stands on the highest peak of the Divine Peninsula, which is available for free visitation. Additionally, visitors can walk down the mountain slopes to the sea reef for a close-up view of the beautiful scenery of the waves hitting the shores, but swimming should be cautious and it is best to wear swimsuits. Near the Divine Peninsula, there are also other attractions such as Naihan Beach and Rawai Beach. Naihan Beach is peaceful and beautiful, suitable for slow walks, while Rawai Beach, located near Phuket's fishing port, is devoted to creating a seafood-tasting destination. After watching the beautiful sunset, going to Rawai Beach to taste delicious seafood will be an unforgettable experience.

Kata view point

Another high point on Phuket Island, with a wide view, standing on the observation deck can overlook the best position of three bays: Kata Noi Bay, Kata Bay, and Karon Bay!

Sunset at panyama bay

Have you ever watched the sunset on the sea? When a small boat sails over the dusk sea, the sunset's afterglow spills over the surface of the sea, and the sun gradually sinks into the horizon in front of you. The breathtaking beauty can only be understood by experiencing it. It is recommended to book a half-day tour with a travel agency~