The ultimate revealed secrets of vintage photography spots in Chaozhou

Chaozhou is a small city with a strong retro style of the 1980s, very suitable for a film-like texture.

Retro to step in and back to the 1980s, I really like the orange-pink "keeping up with the times" big sign!

Xie Huiru is in the library

The downtown library has reading rooms and study rooms, with a hallway that has a distinct 1980s style and a large mirror on one side.

Candy famous door city

A retro-style convenience store with a vintage vibe! It feels like stepping into an old TV drama. It can be filmed from across the street or from the side. The store is filled with various goods, and there are small stools to sit on, pretending it's my own shop. It's a naturally retro scene.

Bookstore and couplet shop

There are many photogenic spots on the way from Xima Road to Paifang Street. During the Spring Festival, many couplets were posted, which were very festive and lively. Photos taken in portrait mode are perfect for Spring Festival profile pictures.

Paifang Street Jia Di Alley

Courtyards often have tall plants in front of their gates or alleys between two buildings, which make the colors in the photos rich or add depth to the photos.

Xu Fuma Mansion

As a rare architectural example from the Song Dynasty in China, the Xufu Mansion is truly a holy place for filming. Chaozhou architecture is characterized by multiple rooms and interconnected houses, with a high humidity and frequent rain, and the presence of moss on the walls brings a refreshing and serene feeling.