A Complete Guide to Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai

Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai: A Unique Experience to Get Up Close with Elephants. You can play and feed these lovely elephants, bathe with them in the river, take a walk together in the jungle, and enjoy the harmonious relationship between humans, nature, and animals. The elephant sanctuaries we are referring to here are non-profit organizations that aim to protect elephants, and the income generated is used for their care. There are no elephant performances or elephant riding with saddles here. Instead, you can interact with the elephants like friends, learn their language, communicate with them, feed them, and help them bathe.

Meikang elephant protection camp

The best cost performance and there is accompanying photography. Here, you can learn how to take care of elephants, play mud baths with them, and take them to the river for a bath. The small river in the park is the elephants' favorite place to cool off. There is also Chinese service in the park, providing free photographers to take pictures. It's best to join a local one-day tour, with an average cost of about 1,500 Thai baht per person.

Elephant Nature Park

Most popular among European and American tourists! This is currently the most comprehensive animal protection camp in Chiang Mai. In addition to Asian elephants, there are various abandoned or stray animals such as water buffalo and stray dogs. Each elephant here has its own story, and the life and death in the park will also be displayed in front of you realistically. This natural state of humans and animals should give people a new understanding of life. There are many projects to choose from in the park, ranging from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 7 days, providing enough time for you to interact with the elephants. Prices start at 2,500 Thai baht per person.

Rantong elephant rescue center

Very famous in northern Thailand, this is a park specifically built for the protection of Asian elephants. It is very primitive and allows visitors to see elephants living freely without oppression, chains or elephant performances. The most unique feature is the bareback riding of elephants, which does not harm the elephants and allows for intimate contact with them. There are also ATV and rafting activities available. The cost is starting from 2,500 Thai baht per person.

Patara Elephant Farm

One of the most high-end elephant camps in Chiang Mai, with an average cost of nearly 3800 THB per person, but those who have been here say it's worth it. Here, a reservation system is in place and the number of daily visitors is limited to 12, ensuring that each elephant can only carry a maximum of two people on its back.

Woody Elephant Training

The only theme here is to be friends with elephants. This place is very primitive, allowing you to instantly get away from modern society. Elephants are not forced to perform to please tourists, and you can feel that they are happy. You can happily play with the elephants and enjoy the scenery of the northern Thai mountains together, spending a memorable day. The average cost per person is over 1600 Thai baht.

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