Go to these places for a parent-child trip in Hangzhou

Traveling with the baby, although they may not understand the profound meaning, but leaving the familiar surroundings, children will be influenced by the bits and pieces along the way. Hangzhou not only has pleasant scenery, but also has a particularly profound cultural heritage, making it an ideal destination for family trips. After experiencing it, we have selected several places and prepared a pre-trip checklist. Let's set off with the children!

West Lake

West Lake is a picturesque place with beautiful scenery and a rich cultural heritage. It is a great experience to rent bicycles and explore the entire lake with children, or take a boat ride to appreciate the charming Jiangnan scenery.

Xixi Wetland

This was once the filming location of the movie "If You Are the One" and is also the only national wetland park in China that combines urban wetlands, agricultural wetlands, and cultural wetlands. Compared to West Lake, Xixi Wetland has a more peaceful and elegant atmosphere, and traveling here in summer is not too hot. Taking a boat ride allows you to experience the hidden charm of Hangzhou.

Qiaoxi Historical and Cultural District

In ancient times, Hangzhou, due to the flow of the Grand Canal, became a prosperous and culturally rich place, with many cultural attractions along this ancient canal. It is very suitable to visit museums with many cultural features with children, and you can also see the classic architecture of the Jiangnan water town with pink walls and black tiles.

Wuzhen West Scenic Zone

Wuzhen, a corner of Jiangnan, is connected to the outside world through the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which transports excellent handicrafts and industrial products in exchange for the prosperity of the water town, nurturing an unprecedented cultural flourishing. Wuzhen is also divided into Dongzha and Xizha, with Dongzha having a smaller area but more cultural attractions.

Rotten Apple Park

If you talk about amusement park adventures that are always on a child's wish list, you have to mention Hangzhou's popular Rotten Apple Park. This indoor amusement park, specially designed for children, combines highly immersive audiovisual experiences with various themed scenes that take you to the sky and under the sea, with fantastic special effects.

Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park

Summary of Changqiao Polar Ocean Park: a great place combining family entertainment and popular science. Here, you can not only see various adorable marine creatures such as sea lions and dolphins, but also learn about the wonders of the ocean world.