How to explore the eastern area of Xixi Wetland in Hangzhou?

When it comes to Xixi Wetland, people who have never been there may only have the impressions from the reality show "If You Are the One". In fact, Xixi is really big and complex.

Qiu Xue An is located in the central waters of Xixi River and Zhu Wetland in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It is also one of the highlights of Xixi Wetland and one of the "Eight Scenic Spots of Xixi". Qiu Xue An, located in the central waters, is known as the "most beautiful place in Xixi" and is the only scenic spot in Xixi Scenic Area that can only be reached by boat. Surrounded by water on all sides, the reeds on Qiu Xue Beach sway, and when the wind blows, the flowers turn white and light like cotton, appearing like a snowstorm, extremely beautiful, and a unique sight in Xixi. During the golden autumn season, visitors can leisurely boat into the world of reeds or climb the finger-plucking tower in Qiu Xue An to get a panoramic view from a high point. Although the movie "If You Are the One" was not filmed in autumn, it did not depict such a "grand scene" in the film, but many scenic images in the movie were taken from here.
Shu Qi and Fang Zhongxin boated in the Deep Pond Mouth, a relatively concentrated area for dining and shopping in the wetland park. It is said to be the deepest part of the entire wetland water system, estimated to be about 4-5 meters deep. Nowadays, there are stone embankments every two to three meters on both sides of the Deep Pond Mouth, with dozens of residential houses, several stone bridges, and a few grape trellises, exuding the charm of the Jiangnan water town.

Smoke and Water Fishing Village

Located in the southern part of Yanshui Temple, overlooking Chao Tian Mu Yang, Yanshui Fisherman's Village is known for its three types of smoke: willow smoke, cloud smoke, and cooking smoke. Being in harmony with the smoke and water feels like being in a fairyland. If you have the leisure, why not go fishing by the lake, take a stroll on the pond embankment, have a sip of local rice wine, and experience the life of the original residents of Xixi.

Gao Zhuang Chen Ji

Gaozhuang, also known as Xixi Mountain Villa, commonly known as Xizhuang, is the estate of the famous literary and calligraphic artist Gao Shiqi in Xixi. During Kangxi's southern inspection, he visited here and gave the words "Bamboo Window" and a poem. The current Gaozhuang consists of buildings such as Gao Residence, Bamboo Window, Nianhua Study, Tongyin Hall, and Jiaoyuan Poetry Society, reproducing the historical scene of Kangxi's visit to Gaozhuang.