Erhai East region is a popular spot for internet celebrities

To the east of Erhai Lake, the mountains are close to the coastline, creating the love language between the mountains and the sea. Here, not only can you see the beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake up close, but you can also see the Cangshan Mountain across the lake. Famous attractions such as Shuanglang, Wase, and Xiaoputuo are located in the Haidong area. It is worth mentioning that Haidong is also a great place to watch the sunset.

Hongshan temple comes here if you want to see the unobstructed sea view

Red Mountain Temple is a temple on the edge of Erhai Lake, but what is said here is not the temple itself, but the invincible sea view here. The sea view here is very wide, with no obstacles by the sea, it can be said to be an excellent place to see the sea view. Standing on the sea of Red Mountain Temple, the mountains and the sea are integrated. The blue Erhai Lake reflects the blue sky. In this blue world, it is difficult to distinguish where the sea is and where the sky is.

Luwo mountain, a quiet place by the sea

Deer Lying Mountain is a little-known seaside cliff on the Ring Sea Road, with large areas of dry grassland and smooth pebble beaches. Few tourists come to this place, it is truly a quiet place by Erhai Lake. Lying on the rare grassland by the Erhai Lake, listening to the blend of wind and sea, with the sun shining on your face, everything is so comfortable. The trees here are mostly tall and straight, naturally exuding a neat beauty. Looking at the sea through the straight trees, you can find your true self in this quiet place by Erhai Lake. Deer Lying Mountain is located on the road from Shuanglang to Wase, and it is very difficult to find. Basically only the locals know about it. If you walk south from Shuanglang Changyu Village, you will see many huge trees by the Erhai Lake, and you are almost there.

Wenbi Village: love between the sea and the mountain

Heading south along the Huanhai East Road, the mountains gradually approach the sea. When you reach the village of Wenbi, the mountains and the sea merge together, with trees adorning the coastline, creating a magnificent landscape. The winding Huanhai East Road is like a giant dragon lying along the coast, serving as the boundary between the sea and the mountains. It's a joy to navigate through it. Due to the uneven terrain near the sea, most of the houses here are built on the mountains. The stacked houses give the village a taste of Jiufen in Taiwan. From up high, the azure Erhai Lake is fully visible, allowing you to empty yourself and blend into this vast sea.

Gems in the Erhai Lake of kinsuo Island

Jinsuo Island is the largest island in Erhai Lake. It is said that the shape of the island is like a shuttle used for weaving, so it is called Jinsuo Island. "The stone in the sky is like a golden shuttle, wanting to weave silver waves on the blue water." Jinsuo Island is like a jade stone lying in Erhai Lake. It used to be the summer palace of the king of Nanzhao, but now it is a fishing village. There are many small shops selling fish products from Erhai Lake on the island, so if you are interested in the fishery products of Erhai Lake, it is recommended to go to the island and taste them. Because it is located in Erhai Lake, it is the only place where you can see the beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake in 360 degrees. Standing on the island, you can enjoy the scenery of the east and west of the sea. It is worth mentioning that there is a dragon palace on the island, which is actually a karst cave. The stalactites in the cave are of various shapes, making it another place worth visiting on the island.