10 powder snow ski resorts in Japan with excellent snow quality

When choosing a ski resort, the criteria include transportation, size, number of nearby resorts, difficulty level of ski runs, and other factors. Regardless of the type of ski resort, some believe that the most important factor is the quality of the snow, as outstanding snow quality can make up for other disadvantages!

God joy ski resort (niigata county) か ぐ ら ス キ ー field

At an altitude of 1845m, Shenle Ski Resort has a high reputation among snow lovers for its outstanding powder snow. It is a ski resort that can be skied from the first run in November to early spring, and almost every day during the snow season can be brushed with powder snow. Although the wind here is strong, the efficiency of the cable car loop is high, especially for snowboarders who hold a high position in their hearts.

WHITE WORLD onomase saddle (gunma county)

Although located near the metropolis of Tokyo, this does not affect the fact that Oze-Iwakura has a large amount of snow. This is what makes Oze-Iwakura stand out. With the lowest ski trail at an altitude of 1703 meters, you can imagine the overall snow conditions of the ski resort.

White horse wulong ski resorts (nagano) white horse five 竜 ス キ ー field

From late November to the Golden Week, you can ski. The altitude is 1676m, and there is always a large amount of fluffy powder snow. That's the secret of its popularity. The ski slopes are well-prepared and wide, so even beginners can enjoy the thrill of skiing in powder snow.

White horse eight plus tail root ski resort (nagano prefecture)

The Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort, located at an altitude of 1831m, is definitely the place to go for skiing on dry powder. Although the resort's cable cars are affected by weather conditions to some extent, the snow quality at the top of the mountain is vastly different from that at the foot of the mountain. As soon as one becomes an advanced skier, the best snow quality can be found at the mountain peak.

Pill skiing (gunma) pill bog plateau marsh plateau ス キ ー field

The peak altitude is 2000m! And the cable car can transport skiers to the mountain top at once! The Ice and Snow Park at Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort is one of the must-visit ski resorts for snowboarders in Japan. When there is enough powder snow, the ski resort takes care of skiers' thirst for powder snow by not compressing the snow, allowing them to fully enjoy the powder snow.

栂 skiing (nagano) 栂 pool pool plateau plateau ス キ ー field

Taguchi Kogen Ski Resort, located in Hakuba, the northern region of the Japanese Alps, is the largest ski resort in the area. With a height of 1704m, the snow quality and snow volume are stable and dependable, never disappointing skiers and snowboarders. The resort even has non-groomed trails available for experienced skiers to traverse through the trees and the natural snow. In March, the resort also offers helicopter skiing, a rare and thrilling experience not to be missed.

Central area of shiga plateau ski resort (nagano prefecture)

The central area of Shiga Kogen boasts 13 ski resorts, which can be overwhelming when trying to decide where to go. However, the natural quality of the snow at these large ski resorts makes them a must-visit for any skier. Enjoy a 3.5km long run on the East Mountain at an elevation of 2054m and experience the exhilarating sensation of a thrilling descent. With so much to explore, make sure to leave enough time to ski Shiga Kogen in its entirety!

SKIJAM wins mountain (Mr Fukui 県)

SKIJAM Katsuyama Ski Resort in Fukui prefecture is the most popular skiing destination in the Kansai, Chubu, and Hokuriku regions. Though its elevation of 1320m is not particularly high in Japan's high-altitude skiing landscape, its record-breaking snowfall each year makes it a major attraction on the Japan Sea side. Its abundant snowfall guarantees excellent snow quality, and the SKI IN SKI OUT integrated resort design layout makes it an ideal choice for family skiing vacations.

Shiga plateau shioershan ski resort (nagano prefecture)

The natural terrain of the ski slopes and landscapes of nature bring enough popularity to the Shiga Kogen Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort, where skiing in the embrace of nature and brushing the powder snow has become the ultimate pursuit of snow enthusiasts. With an elevation of 2,000m and a lower altitude of 1,550m, the snow is not easy to melt and it's hard to find half-melted ski slopes!

Sichuan ski resorts (gunma) sichuan field ス キ ー field

Kawaguchi Ski Resort is only a 2-hour drive from Tokyo and boasts an elevation of 1870m, ensuring exceptional snow quality. It is also favored by snowboarders for its well-equipped ice park. The resort also features a rare three-dimensional parking system in Japan.