Recommended list of Midnight Diner-style restaurants in Shinjuku

For those who have watched "Midnight Diner," there is always a thought in their mind that they must visit these heartwarming restaurants in Japan next time. So, where are these delicious dishes located? Here are the "Midnight Diner" style delicious foods available on the streets of Shinjuku for all the foodies out there!

Iron objects plate two hundred ℃

"Zeal" - Teppanyaki cuisine, where you can not only eat high-end dishes such as Kobe beef chops, abalone, truffle fried eggs, but also taste teppanyaki squid, teppanyaki mayonnaise prawns, Osaka-style savory pancakes and other popular dishes.

The east

"Shuang" - Skewers and Izakaya restaurant. The ingredients for skewers and teppanyaki dishes are not pre-seasoned or marinated, so only fresh and flavorful ingredients are selected. The chefs accurately control the temperature and presentations of each ingredient to serve the most delicious and suitable taste to customers' taste buds.

Guan Shan Fude Temple

"Refinement"-Kaiseki cuisine, "freshness" is the biggest feature of "mountains and seas in inland provinces", sitting in a small Japanese space in the center of the city, you can taste the unlimited possibilities of the most seasonal ingredients in Japan, which are transformed by professional chefs at your fingertips.

Li palace

"Hao" - All-you-can-eat Japanese grilled beef, the king of cost-effectiveness with a price range of 4,000 to 5,000 yen per person. It's a heaven for Wagyu beef lovers!


"Mei" - Creative Japanese-style Izakaya, with a charming Japanese-style interior, enjoying live Akagai from Misaki Port on a flaming dish, is the greatest pleasure this Izakaya can offer you.

The land of Alice picture books

"Fantasy" - The fantasy banquet butler cuisine features Western cuisine and desserts cleverly infused with classic characters from stories. The ice cream and fruit sauce waffle, in particular, has received high praise from a professional Japanese food review website, ranking 3rd in Tokyo for similar products and is suitable for family gatherings.

Kichijoji PARCO

Japanese-style hot pot with traditional handmade tofu is a combination that any friend who prefers light and healthy food will love from the bottom of their heart: "This is the kind of food I need!" Jin Xiang is definitely your best choice.