Pick these affordable Michelin restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo is a paradise for foodies and also the city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. The mention of Michelin restaurants often gives the impression of being expensive. However, there are many affordable and high-value restaurants among the Michelin one-star and Bib Gourmand (authentic small restaurants that have been awarded the Michelin tire man symbol, selected by inspectors with an average per-person consumption of less than 5,000 yen) recommendations.

This Japanese website describes the restaurant as the "perfect combination of affordable and delicious traditional Japanese cuisine." The lunch set menu includes options such as a sardine hot pot with seasonal vegetables or sashimi, which can be enjoyed for only 800-900 yen, making it a very economical choice.

Ginza バ ー ド ラ ン ド (grilled chicken string/central)

In Bird Land, the greatest pleasure is to enjoy both grilled chicken skewers and red wine at the same time. Here, you can taste rare parts and chicken dishes using basil sauce that are difficult to taste in other skewer shops.

Creative 麺 workshops sound dragon (ramen/abundant island region)

50 yen can increase the spiciness. The menu includes soy sauce ramen, salt ramen, onigiri, as well as toppings such as char siu and shrimp dumplings. Only one bowl of noodles is allowed per person. The restaurant closes after the soup is sold out for the day, so it's better to confirm on Twitter before going to eat at night.

Yifu xiangchuan (udon mian/chiyoda district)

If you are a lover of udon noodles, this restaurant will not disappoint you. Although the curry udon is very popular, why not try the simplest dish, kake udon (cold udon), on your first visit? There are also unique flavors in the bukkake udon (sauce noodles) and kama-age udon (chicken egg udon) dishes.

と ん か つ ま さ む ね (Fried pork chop/port)

The daily rotating lunch set composed of rice, pork soup, and pickled vegetables starts at a minimum price of only 980 yen. If you want to feast, you can choose the "Fried Pork Loin Cutlet Set Meal (1,680 yen)". This restaurant is located in the office district of Roppongi Hills and there is always a long line during lunchtime.
Here, the fresh fish dishes are made with bonito and seasonal fresh fish that are directly transported from Kochi, focusing on the natural flavors of the ingredients and the seasonal feeling of the four seasons. However, the set meals like the "Seasonal Fish Grilled Set (1,300 yen)," "Straw-grilled Bonito Set (1,500 yen)," and "Bonito and Seasonal Fish Combination Set (2,500 yen)" that can only be ordered during lunchtime are also quite affordable.
"Hashi Hon", an old shop that was established in 1835 during the Edo period. It still uses the same ingredients and cooking methods since its establishment, and the "Unadon (grilled eel on rice, around 6,000 yen)" is still authentic to this day.

ら ぁ 麺 や ま ぐ ち spicy type (ramen/jiangdong district)

"The 'Special Spicy Mabo Mazesoba' topped with coriander is packed with the heat of Sichuan pepper. If you want it even spicier, add some green Sichuan pepper on the table. Another popular dish is the 'Shio Ramen with Ajitama' with a semi-boiled egg."

Our days ぷ ら Abe ginza (tempura/central)

There is a sink in the shop, where you can enjoy fresh tempura prawns on the spot. In addition, there are also tempura dishes made from fresh ingredients such as sea eel and clams. Many regular customers enjoy ending their meal with a bowl of tempura rice steeped in tea.

Our business き っ ち ん ginza (okonomiyaki/central)

The okonomiyaki in the shop uses "Kinmon Sauce" purchased locally in Osaka. In addition to okonomiyaki, the shop also specializes in teppanyaki, offering A5 wagyu beef, Omi beef rib steak, fresh seafood, and more.

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