Classic photography spots guide in Sapporo

As the starting point, transit hub, and endpoint of a Hokkaido trip, there are not many opportunities to stop and appreciate the details of Sapporo. In fact, Sapporo has its own unique beauty in its details, which requires a "photographer's eye" to discover. Here is a classic guide to Sapporo's photography spots, providing references for photography enthusiasts.

The Sheep Hill Observatory is located on the outskirts of Sapporo, adjacent to the Sapporo Dome stadium. On the observatory, there is a statue of Dr. Clark, the founder of Hokkaido University and an American agricultural scientist. In front of your eyes, there is also a pasture and an experimental field, and there are often free-range sheep in the pasture. With the distant view of the Sapporo Dome stadium, the combination of urban scenery and Hokkaido's rural scenery provides a rich and diverse photography theme.
Hokkaido University is located in a large campus that perfectly combines nature and history, truly reflecting the characteristics of Hokkaido. The campus preserves the early buildings of the university, as well as green spaces, streams, forests, and a farm. Visitors can enjoy iconic landmarks such as the statue of Dr. Clark, the historic Kaitokaku Lecture Hall, the comprehensive museum with millions of years old extinct animal specimens, the Ginkgo Avenue with over 70 tall Ginkgo trees, and the remains of the second farm used during the era of the Sapporo Agricultural College. These attractions showcase the history and natural beauty of Hokkaido University, allowing visitors to experience the charm of Hokkaido.

Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park

Tombetsu Ryusei Rokka Hill Park has the largest tulip garden in Sapporo and is a famous place to take pictures of tulips. In May every year, various tulips bloom, and there are also large areas planted with Sapporo's city flower, the Lilac. Friends who love flower seas should not miss it.

Before the tram business

The tram in Sapporo is one of the most classic elements on the city streets. The old green trams and the cute cartoon trams covered in advertisements slowly pass by, making time feel slower. The ideal place to capture the Sapporo tram on film is near the west 4-chome of Odori, especially when the sun is setting to capture the fresh and natural Japanese light, creating a captivating scene.

JR, tower building

The JR Tower skyscraper at JR Sapporo Station is the best shooting location to overlook the entire city of Sapporo. Standing on top of it, the chessboard-like streets of Sapporo are clear at a glance. Waiting for the sunset, you can capture the beautiful sunset from the direction of the Sea of Japan.
Former Hokkaido Government Office Building, also known as the "Red Brick House," is a brick and green tiled Baroque-style building. It houses various materials and documents related to Hokkaido's history, and is open to history enthusiasts free of charge. The building is adorned with over 2.5 million red bricks, including a red pentagram representing the significance of Hokkaido's development and a green octagonal tower on its rooftop. It is a must-visit attraction for architecture enthusiasts. In addition, the pond, flower beds, and ancient trees in the front courtyard of the Red Brick House make it a pleasant place for locals to relax and stroll. Whether you want to learn about Hokkaido's history or admire the beautiful architectural art, the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building is definitely worth a visit.