Tokyo film fun map

Today, amidst the resurgence of the retro film trend, it is not difficult to find a film-related shop on the streets of Tokyo. In the numerous professional old stores in Tokyo, you can truly feel the true meaning of the phrase "film is not dead."

Shinjuku: yoichi

The family shop for film developing is similar to Kitamura Camera in terms of the types of film cameras and accessories available, but it has a more complete selection of film types, including various reversal films and 120 films. It is a great place to buy films and have them developed, although it takes until noon the next day to pick up the developed films.

Freedom: ポ パ イ カ メ ラ this store

There are many camera accessories here, such as frames, camera bags, and everything else related to cameras can be found here. There are also a lot of second-hand film cameras, mostly classic models. However, the waiting time for film development is usually more than ten days.

Mohei university: monogram

As a store specializing in film photography and developing, this place exudes a strong academic atmosphere, and is very professional in both developing and scanning. They also provide "semi-order" service, which allows customers to request a specific color style when scanning their film with the help of the staff.

The north jersey: ヒ ロ セ フ ォ ト シ ョ ッ プ

Our store offers low prices for developing 120 films, with fast processing times - as short as 1 hour. You can basically get your photos right after exploring Shimokitazawa. We are also the only shop in Tokyo that uses Kodak imaging systems.

Takashimaya nakano: PHOTOLAB

This shop has a rich variety of goods and is very easy to navigate. Although Nakano, where it is located, may not be a popular destination for tourists, it is only one train stop away from the artistic neighborhood of Koenji. Friends who plan to visit Koenji can take a look here as well.


The shop with the Fujifilm name on its roof is actually a direct operating store of Fujifilm Group. There are many types of disposable cameras and various digital photo papers and accessories to choose from. Digital photos developed here can also be DIYed into cute effects, like photo stickers.

Photo kanon orito store in ginza

This is also a shop specializing in Japanese-style photography. In addition to basic services such as film developing and scanning, they also offer the "Semi-order" mentioned above, which allows customers to customize the color style of their photos.

Shinjuku: カ メ ラ の キ タ ム ラ

This store uses the Fuji system, and the pickup time is usually around 2 hours, which is very fast and the quality is also very good. The store also sells various commonly used films and disposable cameras, and the fees for development are also relatively cheap.