Sapporo Autumn Food Hidden Gems List

This time, take a different approach and appreciate a few lesser-known but beloved Japanese delicacies enjoyed by the Japanese people. As the ancients said, it is easy to transition from frugality to luxury, so everyone can choose according to their own needs.

Hokkaido University is located in a large campus that perfectly combines nature and history, truly reflecting the characteristics of Hokkaido. The campus preserves the early buildings of the university, as well as green spaces, streams, forests, and a farm. Visitors can enjoy iconic landmarks such as the statue of Dr. Clark, the historic Kaitokaku Lecture Hall, the comprehensive museum with millions of years old extinct animal specimens, the Ginkgo Avenue with over 70 tall Ginkgo trees, and the remains of the second farm used during the era of the Sapporo Agricultural College. These attractions showcase the history and natural beauty of Hokkaido University, allowing visitors to experience the charm of Hokkaido.

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The restaurant provides a type of Western cuisine that has been improved with Japanese cuisine techniques. There is a bar on the first floor, and the second floor is more spacious. The seating arrangement is comfortable, and the walls are adorned with elegant and beautiful porcelain plates collected by the owner from various parts of the world. The recommended dishes by the owner, such as salad, pork chops, and seafood pasta, are all decent and surprising.

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Kadouya's signature dish is the eel rice! It comes in two forms: set meal and eel rice. The side dishes of the set meal are all delicious, and the whole eel is grilled just right. The eel layer covered rice bowl, priced at 1933 yen including tax, is the restaurant's specialty, with a fragrant white rice from Hokkaido and a crispy piece of eel on top. As you dig in, you'll find another layer of eel inside the rice!

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Hyousetsu no Mon, a restaurant specializing in crab dishes, is a well-known restaurant in Sapporo, Hokkaido, primarily serving local residents. Therefore, it is not crowded with tourists like a typical tourist spot. The servers are friendly and considerate, although they do not speak Chinese, they make an effort to recommend food and drink to customers.

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Self-service ordering is used here, which is very convenient. After ordering, guests can choose whether they prefer a light or heavy taste. In addition to taste, the firmness of the noodles and the amount of oil can also be chosen. As a Michelin-recommended ramen restaurant, the taste here is quite authentic.