Shibuya's six popular bakery shops

Not an izakaya, but a bakery, Bread & Wine. It's a popular combination in Japan these days! The flavors of bread go well with various types of alcohol. Compared to izakayas and bars, the environment is more comfortable and quiet, and the prices are more affordable. Once you've tried Japanese bread, you'll redefine the word "bread."

365 Days, 365 Days

The reason why the shop is named "365 Days" is to express cherishing each day and using bread to start daily life; it is a famous bakery in the area around Yoyogi Park.
Mabu FLAT is a fun "bread and wine bar" that specializes in bread-based dishes and wine pairings, bringing a fresh vibe to the Tokyo dining scene.

Signifiant Signifie shitiagaya store

This kind of bread is most suitable to be paired with wine, and just like the various types of bread in the store, the wine rack also attracts people's attention. Looking at the prices, it belongs to the level that can be purchased with confidence. The atmosphere in the store is quiet and suitable for having a glass of wine.

Blanc de Blancs

Contrary to the popular pairing of bread with wine or beer, chefs recommend pairing food with sake because the wheat aroma goes well with the sweetness of sake, and this innovative pairing is also very popular among women.


Although the space inside the shop is not big, it is exquisitely decorated. During the day, it's a bakery, but at night it transforms into a small bar. Savoring delicious artisan bread and enjoying selected wines, it feels particularly relaxing and cozy. It seems like all the fatigue of the day disappears and vanishes.

VIRON 渋 valley shop (ヴ ィ ロ ン シ ブ ヤ テ ン

The first floor sells bread, baguettes, sandwiches, and desserts that are all very popular, while the rich display of wine and the diverse selection of French bread complement each other. The second floor is designed like a coffee bar, where you can easily sit down for a meal or have a drink.