The best family activities in Vancouver, Canada

Here are the top ten family-friendly travel destinations in Vancouver that are worth checking out.

Indoor markets open all year round are worth visiting. The variety of fruits, seafood, and flowers is eye-catching. When Ms. Fu saw the macaron shop, she couldn't resist leaning on the counter to buy her favorite macarons. Seeing the colorful macarons of various flavors, I can't resist either. After shopping at the market, you can go outside the square to enjoy the harbor scenery, including the beautiful night view of Burrard Bridge and Yaletown, as well as the pleasant street performances.
Stanley Park is Vancouver's most famous park and one of the world-renowned parks. Friends in Vancouver told me that I must take the children to Stanley Park, and after seeing it firsthand, I can confirm that it is indeed a great place to bring kids. It is incredibly large and can take up a whole day. After this visit, I now understand why so many families who travel to Vancouver always have pictures of their children running on the lawn. Only a park can truly unleash their natural instincts, tirelessly chasing geese, chasing pigeons, chasing any interesting animals, and then picking up leaves along the way, continuously tossing them. There are also other activities, such as observing little animals, stomping on leaf piles, or stomping on fallen fruits, and they can stay there for a long, long time.
The suspension bridge is 230 meters high from the river below, with a total length of about 137 meters. It is the longest and highest pedestrian bridge in the world. In addition to the longest suspension bridge, there are many small suspension bridges in the park, forming a huge forest maze. You have to walk across 7 suspension bridges and pass through the primeval Douglas fir forest. Once you've crossed the main suspension bridge, the smaller ones will be no problem. The suspension bridge park is a natural park where you can explore with your parents. There are also outdoor barbecue areas, indigenous carving centers, boutique shops, and restaurants, etc.
Gas Town is not a place where gas is produced. The name is related to a bar owner here. There is also a statue of "Mr. Gas" and a 2-ton steam clock. The steam clock is located at an inconspicuous intersection, and tourists only realize it is a tourist attraction when they see people taking photos. The clock is powered by a steam-driven mechanical device, and every 15 minutes, steam will emerge from the ground and the clock tower will sound a steam whistle.
Vancouver Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Canada (although compared to aquariums in China, it is not very large in size). It is also ranked as one of the top five aquariums in North America. Here you can see various cute aquatic creatures, especially jellyfish and colorful fish, which are super dreamy. Of course, there are also sea lion and seal performances. It was raining in Vancouver on the day we went, and part of the aquarium is outdoors. Fortunately, we bought boots and raincoats for the kids before traveling. Just splashing in the water made the kids have a lot of fun.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is located in Richmond, Vancouver, where various fresh catches such as shrimp, crab, fish, and shellfish are sold daily. This season happens to have a salmon run, so you can enjoy delicious and fresh salmon. Fisherman's Wharf is also a filming location for the movie "Finding Mr. Right" (Beijing Meets Seattle).

Buchart Gardens

Victoria Bushart family garden is probably the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. It is also the second largest garden in the world. Once you enter the garden, you will be greeted with a variety of flowers blooming in full glory, making it extremely magnificent. The flowers here come from all over the world. Walking through it feels like strolling in a fairy tale world, and no girl would resist so many beautiful flowers. The garden is mainly divided into four major areas: the New Horizon Garden, the Italian-style garden with Roman design, the Japanese garden, and the rose garden. Basically, you can find almost every variety of flowers in this garden.

Victoria Butterfly Garden

Victoria Butterfly Garden is a small garden with a wide variety of butterflies and colorful frogs. The garden is filled with vibrant flowers and two flamboyant flamingos that have supposedly lived here for many years, often appearing motionless.