Hidden luxury restaurant owned by locals in Sapporo

I have already been to a famous restaurant, where there were more tourists than locals. So for the next meal, let's go to a more special place. Please, let the locals in Sapporo recommend their hidden gem restaurants for us!

International Wine Bar Romanee

IWB opened in 1989 with four resident sommeliers. In addition to regular set menus, there is also a monthly seasonal ingredient special set menu, and recommended champagne, wine, and other drinks that pair well with the dishes are provided for customers.

Hokkaido cooking and cooking

If you want to try Hokkaido's characteristic cuisine, this interestingly named restaurant, Rabbit and Turtle, is recommended. Since they use seasonal Hokkaido seafood and vegetables, the ingredients are fresh, so the seasoning in the dishes is relatively light, highlighting the true flavor of the food.


The owner of this renowned Japanese cuisine restaurant is Mieda Nobumasa, a Michelin 1-star awardee and master of Japanese cuisine. He personally selects the highest quality ingredients from both domestic and foreign sources, combining tradition with creativity to bring a new realm to Japanese cuisine.

Meat produced in Hokkaido

There are only less than 10% of "Hokkaido-produced lamb" specialty stores in Hokkaido, and the lamb is not gamy, fat and delicious without being greasy, which can be enjoyed with fresh Hokkaido vegetables.

Zen Zen

Special recommendation of creative tempura using high-quality ingredients. In addition to the tempura set meal, there are also seasonal set meal options, with the menu changing every two weeks.


This popular kaiseki restaurant has an excellent reputation in the local area. The chef excels at using home-grown and local vegetables and fruits to create exquisite dishes that are innovative and surprising yet delicious.

TAKU mountain

Kaiseki cuisine that incorporates seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido, an open kitchen where you can even chat face-to-face with the head chef who will fully cater to your taste, carefully selected wine for dinner parties and gatherings.