Unmissable cultural square in Verona

Street scenery, not only coffee shops on the roadside, but also various performances. The romantic atmosphere permeates the streets and alleys. Come to these small and large squares, a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere awaits you.

Piazza del Popolo is the location of the ancient Roman Colosseum and an ideal starting point for visiting the city. The square is an irregular quadrilateral, with the statue of King Victor Emmanuel II standing in the center.

Gentleman square

The square is centered around a statue of Dante and is surrounded by many buildings from the Renaissance period. At sunset, the square becomes notably quiet and peaceful.

Torre dei Lamberti

This is an observation deck with an elevator, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the town of Verona from the top of the tower, discovering a completely different architectural style from Eastern Europe.


This is a very elegant shopping street in Verona, which is a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists.

Verona Colosseum

The Verona Arena is a Roman amphitheatre and the most important venue for concerts and opera performances, serving as the highlight of the city's famous opera festival every summer.