Must-visit for shopping: Melbourne's best shopping destinations

Shopping in Melbourne, you will experience a different shopping sensation compared to other cities. Here are some great places for shopping, whether it's large shopping centers, popular markets, or local shops...they can all satisfy your shopping desires.

The shops in the Royal Arcade are all very distinctive, selling a variety of items. Not only is it famous for its fashionable shops, but there are also some more unique stores. You can find the locally renowned Spellbox fortune-telling shop, which sells accessories related to Western metaphysics. You can also make an appointment with a fortune-teller to calculate your horoscope and tarot cards.

Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere, known as the vegetable basket of Melbourne citizens. In addition to shopping here, you can also immerse yourself in the lives of the locals. A must-visit is the grocery area, selling a variety of high-quality, low-priced clothing, shoes, socks, and souvenirs.
Desgraves Street is the most popular place for Melburnians, and many locals also love to come here for shopping on holidays. It is recommended to go to Il Papiro, a Florentine-style paper shop that sells vintage artistic paper, envelopes, notebooks, and old-fashioned quill pens, which is very distinctive.

Camberwell Sunday Market

The Camberwell Sunday Market is a very famous second-hand market, although it only opens on Sundays, it attracts many people to come and shop. Compared to the Victoria Market in the city, it is closer to the local atmosphere. Coming here to browse the market, the dazzling array of old goods, antiques, and crafts is already a different visual feast.

The District Docklands

Harbour City is a fashionable carnival, filled with irresistible delicacies and pleasant gifts. It has over 130 high-quality brand direct sales stores, selling designer clothing and home wear at huge discounts. It's definitely a good choice to buy local brands here.