Detailed Diving Island Guide for Sabah

Sabah is located in East Malaysia and is one of the world's top diving destinations. Every year, it attracts numerous diving enthusiasts from around the world. Sipadan in Semporna, Mabul Island, Kapalai, and the Mermaid Island in Kota Kinabalu are famous diving spots in Sabah. The underwater world's secrets await adventurous explorers like you.

Mermaid Island Restaurant

Three sunken ships can be explored underwater; not only diving but also visiting the fireflies in KAWA mangrove.

Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort

A large number of turtle remains are piled up in underwater caves and passages, forming a magical underwater maze.

Mabul Island

Large, brightly colored triggerfish resembling clowns can be seen everywhere, as well as eels, snake eels, and almost the entire family of pufferfish for viewing.

Pulau Lankayan

Giant and non-aggressive whale sharks can also be seen from March to May every year.


Apart from diving, the most unique feature of Kapalai Island is the romantic traditional water village - Kapalai Water Village Resort, which is a good location for shooting movies. Kapalai Water Village Resort offers all-inclusive services including eat, stay, dive, and travel. They provide "diving package" and "non-diving package" for easy booking. Kapalai Island is located in the middle of a coral group, and the sea here is clear and transparent, like a floating paradise on the water. In the underwater world here, there are rare creatures worth seeing such as the Flame Octopus, Blue-Ringed Octopus, and Sea Slugs.
Mada King Island is not only an ideal place for beginner and intermediate divers to enjoy the fun of deep-sea diving, but also a base for underwater photography. The eastern coast is a sloping reef that extends to a depth of 100 meters, while the western coast is a vertical diving sanctuary that goes down to 100 meters deep. The diverse and beautiful coral formations are one of the highlights of Mada King Island. Moreover, the visibility of the seawater here is astonishingly high, with a large and well-protected coral population that attracts many rare fish and underwater creatures. In addition, sea turtles are also frequent visitors here and can even be encountered in shallow waters.