Must-experience in Venice, making your trip worthwhile

Winding water alleys, flowing clear waves, Venice seems like a romantic dream floating on the blue waves, filled with poetic and picturesque beauty. Only by experiencing these can you truly say that your trip to Venice was worthwhile.

Bell tower of San Marco

The St. Mark's Campanile belongs to St. Mark's Basilica and is the tallest building in Venice. As the lighthouse of this city on the lagoon, the bell tower has long been regarded by Venetians as an undeniable landmark of Venice.
If you want to walk across the Bridge of Sighs and feel the feelings of past prisoners and their departure from freedom, you need to enter the Governor's Palace, follow the tour route, and reach the opposite prison through the Bridge of Sighs on the second floor, and then return to the Governor's Palace. Of course, there is also a beautiful side to the story. It is said that if two lovers kiss passionately while passing under the bridge on a boat, they will be happy forever.

St. Mark's Cathedral

Saint Mark's Basilica, located on Saint Mark's Square and adjoined to the Doge's Palace, was built in 828 and underwent reconstruction in the 11th century after a fire. Originally built to house the remains of Saint Mark, it later became a treasure trove for the treasures looted from various countries during the Crusades. It was the largest church in medieval Europe and is a treasury of rich art collections.
Venetian masks, known locally as Bauta, come in all shapes and sizes, including half-face or full-face, with feathers or leaves, and with bright colors and gold powder. They are exquisite and emanate a seductive charm. There is a local belief that every mask hides a soul, and by wearing one, you can transform into the person you desire to be!
This is a century-old shop which has been a popular spot for resting and dating in St. Mark's Square since its opening in 1720. The interior decoration is antique and gorgeous. For over three hundred years, it has been a gathering place for many literary figures and social elites, including Gorgione, Byron, Goethe and Dickens. Taking photos outside the door is not enough; it is better to find a seat and slowly savor a tea set.
Spaghetti Neri is a specialty of Venice and a must-try when visiting the city. To make the pasta, squid ink is added to the dough which results in black, chewy noodles that are high in protein. Although it may resemble a dish from the dark side, it tastes amazing. The squid ink brings a fresh, salty flavor to the dish and the texture of the squid is also great. Overall, it is a delicious and unique dish to try in Venice.

Langeti Art Museum

The Farneti-Museum of Fine Arts, located on the Grand Canal, is also known as the Golden Palace due to its costly gilding on the building facade facing the canal. It is a prominent building on the Grand Canal and one of the most outstanding Gothic buildings in Venice.