Langkawi Practical Guide

Malaysia Langkawi Free Travel Safety Guide, while traveling, there are bound to be many pitfalls. Here, practical information about attractions is recommended to help everyone prepare in advance.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is a bridge located in the Langkawi Archipelago in Malaysia. It was completed in October 2004 and is 125 meters long with a curved steel structure. Interestingly, this massive steel structure is supported by only one pillar, which is 87 meters high and fixed to the mountainside, then pulled by 8 steel cables to "float" in the sky at an altitude of 687 meters, connecting two mountain peaks. Therefore, this bridge was named the Langkawi Sky Bridge. The construction of this bridge was a challenge and one of the great achievements of human engineering technology.
Eagle Square is located by the sea in Langkawi and covers a large area. The most eye-catching feature is Langkawi's new landmark - Eagle Tower (Dataran Lang). The tower was built in October 1996 and stands 45 meters tall, costing over 10 million Malaysian dollars. Langkawi means "reddish-brown eagle" in old Malay, and the Eagle Tower is the symbol of Langkawi, representing the island's future economic development with its majestic eagle image, like a soaring eagle. The entire square is well-planned and features beautiful scenery, including lakes, fountains, small bridges, and galleries. At night, it is a great place to enjoy the view and the sea breeze.
This aquarium is located on the coast of Zhennan and displays various freshwater and marine fish as well as marine life. Visitors can observe over 5,000 species of fish and over 500 species of underwater creatures through a 15-meter-long tunnel. Feeding time is at 3:00 pm every day, allowing visitors to witness the fish's appetite.
Located on the northeast corner of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu Beach is one of the most charming beaches in Langkawi. The ebb tide here is amazing, forming a natural marine landscape that can be walked through with several small islands around it. This unique experience is worth a try and is unforgettable.
The Pregnant Maiden Island is the largest of the 99 islands in Langkawi, named after its mountainous contour that resembles a reclining pregnant woman. The island is rich in natural resources, with a freshwater lake and a variety of tropical flora and fauna. The Pregnant Maiden Lake is located in the western part of the island, with its turquoise green waters perfect for boating and swimming. Legend has it that the lake water can cure infertility, attracting many travelers to admire the natural scenery. The island environment is fresh and peaceful, with lush greenery and surrounded by the sea. Legendary stories echo in the valleys. People seem to be in harmony with nature here, and their souls are purified.
Beras Basah Island is a beautiful leisure beach, where the beaches are delicate and transparent, providing a good place to relax.