Experience the unique Viking culture in Denmark

A thousand years ago, the Vikings forced themselves onto the world stage and left Viking marks in many parts of Europe. Denmark, the homeland of the Vikings and a country shaped by Viking culture, is also the place that best showcases Viking history.

The Viking Ship Museum

How do the Vikings live? How do they travel the world? Join us now and go back to 1000 years ago to find the answers! Since its opening in 2000, the Jorvik Viking Centre has provided many brave boys and girls the opportunity to share the real experiences of living with the Danish Vikings! The museum today is a reconstructed building, using local materials and restored as faithfully as possible. "Havørnen" means Sea Eagle, a 17-meter long Viking ship.

Jels Pageant - Viking Market

Burning romantic feelings, grand swordplay, and gorgeous scenery. Every summer, hundreds of volunteers bring an unparalleled and unique experience to the Jels Viking Cultural Feast. The performances take place in an open-air venue surrounded by towering trees and the Jels Nedersø Lake. Since 1976, each performance has been held against such a natural backdrop. During the show, Scandinavian history is interpreted through contemporary art.

Moesgård Viking Gathering

The Vikings from all over the world come to participate in the Viking Conference. It will recreate the grandeur of Aarhus over a thousand years ago. It is a bustling market, where vendors sell various interesting artworks, and craftsmen showcase their skills in ironwork, woodworking, leather goods, silverware, wool products, amber, crystal, willow, and other items.

Yeling Viking Market

The Viking market is held near the Jelling site. It attracts craftsmen and vendors who set up stalls every year. The live Viking equestrian show is highly anticipated. As a visitor, you can experience the work of a blacksmith in the smithy at the market, be a chef in a bakery, and personally try archery and handle Viking weapons! At the same time, the Viking assembly will also feature warrior duels and simulated battles. The unique parade on Lake Fårup is also carried out by the Jelling Orm Viking ship.

Viking Iron Art Exhibition

Here, you can find children's iron art, children's warrior school, street performances, markets, workshops, iron smelting, and more activities. The annual Nordic Championship will be held at Viking-nail-forging on Saturday. Kysing Strand is a place as beautiful as heaven - from any angle, you can enjoy the view of the sea and the sky!