Langkawi popular Instagrammable hotel

These internet-famous hotels are definitely not unfamiliar to you! Here, you can experience princess style, historical cabin style, and unique rainforest style. Each one of them can help you capture stunning photos for your social media!

It is a rare hotel in the area where you can see the sunrise over the sea, and the view is amazing! The interior decoration style embodies the Malaysian style of the 1990s. The long coastal boardwalk and white lighthouse at the entrance are popular scenic spots for locals. The Langkawi World Resort is located on Pantai Cenang & Pantai Tengah. It is the first choice for tourists to come to Langkawi for vacation with famous Pantai Cenang and Underwater World. This is the best developed beach in Langkawi, with many tourists and known as the "most beautiful Pearl Beach".
The environment of this hotel is very nice, with uniquely designed rooms surrounded by trees, giving off the feeling of a huge tropical garden. The hotel also has a very long private beach that is quiet and provides a high level of privacy. It is located at Tanjung Rhu Beach, where the beautiful sandy beach and clear sea water differ from other beaches in the presence of pine trees. During low tide, Tanjung Rhu and several charming small islands are connected, and walking across the island on the sea is a very unique experience.
Having ten of the world's most beautiful beaches, primitive forest hotels located within tropical rainforests, amazing rainforest walks, fish feeding activities, and large swimming pools can all satisfy your preferences.

Vela Vela vista spa resort (Vela Vela vista hotel)

It's worth staying just for the hotel's appearance! The super beautiful pink castle architecture is dreamy and extraordinary. From the room, you can enjoy a beautiful sea view, as if in a fairy tale. The prices are down-to-earth and the cost performance is super high. The Langkawi Bella Vista Resort (Langkawi Bella Vista Hotel) is located in Kuah Town, which is a modern town integrating dining, shopping, and entertainment. It's also a tax-free shopping paradise. Although Kuah Town is not a foodie paradise, there are countless cheap Chinese restaurants spread throughout the city.
Formerly a hotel in Langkawi, it has received many foreign heads of state. It has an extra-long swimming pool, measuring 150 meters! What's great is that there is a restaurant with singing and dancing performances right beside the pool, where you can eat while watching Malaysian ethnic performances. The Andaman Langkawi Resort is located on Cenang & Pantai Tengah Beaches, which are home to the famous Cenang Beach and Underwater World. It is the preferred holiday destination for tourists visiting Langkawi, as it has the most well-developed beaches in Langkawi, with a large number of visitors. It is known as the "most beautiful pearl beach".
A five-star hotel hidden in the tropical rainforest, with rooms that are separate rainforest cabins or water villas, truly adjacent to nature. The Sky Bridge and Oriental Village are right next to it, and it only takes 5 minutes to walk there. The Berjaya Langkawi Resort is located on Burau Bay, where you can see the most charming sunset in Langkawi, as well as the thrilling and unmissable Langkawi Sky Bridge. There are rows of luxury resorts, a modern pier, and many shops, bars, and restaurants.

Baron langkawi resort & spa

The hotel has a back garden built by the sea, and lying by the pool in the garden, you can enjoy the beautiful sea view. It is only 300 meters away from the pier, and you can see the Eagle Square from the window. The Berjaya Langkawi Resort is located in Kuah Town, which is a modern town that combines dining, shopping, and entertainment. It is also a paradise for duty-free shopping. Although Kuah Town cannot be considered a gourmet paradise, there are countless cheap Chinese restaurants scattered throughout the city.
The "paradise-like" hotel in Langkawi is located on the northern coast, with a picturesque view of Tanjung Rhu Beach. In the evening, a long corridor rises from the sea as the tide recedes, connecting the shore to the nearby ocean. The Tanjung Rhu Resort is situated on the Tanjung Rhu Beach, known for its beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear waters, as well as a dense pine forest lining the coast. During low tide, Tanjung Rhu and several charming small islands form a connected landmass, making walking across the sea islands a unique experience.
The hotel services are beyond five-star level, with dedicated staff to carry luggage and introduce hotel facilities from the moment one enters the hotel. The environment is tranquil and it is close to the Langkawi Sky Bridge. Dana Langkawi is located on Pantai Cenang, where the most charming sunset in Langkawi can be witnessed, along with the thrilling Langkawi Sky Bridge that cannot be missed. Luxurious resorts are lined up here, along with a modern pier, numerous shops, bars and restaurants.
An eight-garden landscape wooden cottage design resort with a century of history, boasting exceptional privacy. The lotus pond and swamp lake within the gardens offer a stunning view of the sunset. Located in the trendy resort town of Chenang and Central Beach, it is the prime destination for vacationers in Langkawi. The region boasts famous Chenang Beach and the Underwater World, the best-developed beach in Langkawi, attracting countless visitors to its beautiful shores and earning the nickname "The Most Beautiful Pearl Beach."

Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi

This hotel is really strongly recommended for everyone! Just the infinity transparent pool by the beach alone, it easily beats many thousand yuan infinity pool hotels! Most importantly, this hotel also has a lot of spots that are perfect for taking photos. The round makeup mirror in the room, the blue-green furniture, the black and white spiral corridor in the hotel, the rainbow hut by the pool... it is really a hotel where every corner can produce great shots!

Langkawi Homestay

This wooden cottage homestay is of traditional Balinese style, rustic and elegant, with a strong exotic feel! The bed is adorned with pure white canopy curtains in palace style, graceful and luxurious! The rooms surround a swimming pool, where you can easily jump into and enjoy the view of rice fields and the sounds of frogs nearby, making it unbelievably beautiful!