Must-visit 4 barbecue restaurants in Rio de Janeiro for an epic barbecue battle

Brazilian people's passion for meat is astonishing, each person consumes about 40 kilograms of beef per year, making it an absolute heaven for meat lovers!

If you're pressed for time during your travels and don't have the opportunity to try a variety of delicious Brazilian cuisine, this is the perfect place to go. Brazilian cuisine is primarily focused on grilled meats, and while each restaurant may have its own style, as a Chinese tourist, I can confidently say that after trying over ten different restaurants, none of them compare to the deliciousness of the grilled meats here.
Inspired by his father's meat shop and working together with Chef Thomas Troisgros, they opened this restaurant. It can be said to be a comprehensive meat restaurant. The decoration of the restaurant is completely like a meat shop, and each dish revolves around meat, from ribs to duck breast, you can find it here. The menu offers 15 different barbecue styles to choose from, paired with various sauces, making it a bit overwhelming.
Esplanada Grill is located in the affluent neighborhood of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro and is a popular steakhouse among local celebrities. It has been voted as the "best steakhouse in Rio" by local media. The restaurant follows traditional Brazilian grilling methods while incorporating modern dietary concepts. Instead of high-calorie creams and sauces, healthier dietary elements are chosen to accompany the grilled meats. Their grilled beef ribs, picanha, fillet mignon, and ribeye are highly recommended.
This self-service barbecue restaurant in Rio de Janeiro is a good choice if you want to taste other delicious food besides authentic Brazilian barbecue. In addition to a variety of grilled meats, the restaurant also offers a wide selection of delicious seafood. It's interesting that there is a toy steam train hanging from the ceiling, so it is often called the "train restaurant" by locals. The service is excellent, and you can directly tell the waiter your preferences and dietary restrictions, such as not liking raw oysters or the desired level of doneness for your food, and they will accommodate your needs.