Four things you must do in the wine region of western Slovenia

Surrounded by the magnificent Julian Alps and the beautiful Adriatic coast, Slovenia's western wine region is like a hidden gem. It is small, tranquil, but rich in experiences and breathtaking landscapes. Whether it's wine tasting, dining, or various thrilling adventure sports, it can leave a lasting and unforgettable impression on people.

Gori chenka BRDA enjoys the scenery

To the south of the valley lies a lush green canyon and greyish-white karst terrain, while to the west, the Goriška Brda area is Slovenia's famous wine region, dotted with cypress trees and Gothic stone towers on the ridge, giving one the feeling of being in the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, but even more secluded here!

Riding in the cellar

In the western region of Slovenia, wine cellar tourism is more like a gathering of friends, where winemakers usually personally welcome visitors, lead them to taste wine, and visit cellars and vineyards. Ride and play in the wine cellars! At the Žorž wine cellar in the Vipava Valley, you can experience tasting wine in a stone wine cellar and enjoy a gourmet platter.

Enjoy fresh food at hi Chen a Franko Restaurant

Slovenian cuisine also has its own characteristics: freshness and localization of ingredients - whether it's the simplest café or the top restaurant Hiša Franko led by the world's best female chef Ana Roš, they all use the freshest local ingredients to cook delicious food.

Outdoor exploration of Park lijak camp

The Bura wind in the Vipava Valley not only moves roof tiles and helps grapes to ripen perfectly, but also provides ideal conditions for paragliding, allowing visitors to better appreciate the valley's panoramic view from the air. In addition, hiking, cycling, and rock climbing are all great ways to enjoy the valley. Park Lijak campsite, 6 km from Nova Gorica, offers a range of exciting outdoor activities for visitors.