If you want to eat wagyu, come to these 5 restaurants in Osaka

The Japanese obsession with beef can be described as crazy. They have not only cultivated the world's best top-grade wagyu beef but also achieved perfection in all dishes related to beef. How to eat it? Where to eat it? Next, we will recommend to you the restaurants in Osaka that specialize in wagyu beef.

Beixindi bird house

The steak here is a masterpiece - crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, rich in layers and delicate in taste. The secret lies in a meticulously crafted "oven", which may be unique to this restaurant in Osaka.

Meat cutting and cooking

This high-end Wagyu beef restaurant is located above the Hips building near Namba Station, with convenient transportation and elegant and quiet environment. The restaurant's specialty is the famous Wagyu brand Ozaki beef, which has tender meat, low fat content, and excellent taste.
Almost every person strolling through Shinsaibashi will pass by this nostalgic-style building located at the intersection of Dotonbori and Midosuji, but most people do not know that it is the renowned hundred-year-old store "Harijyu". It is said that "Harijyu" holds a highly esteemed position in the hearts of Osaka people, and all of its beef is of A4 grade or above and sourced from female cows, chosen for their tender and fragrant meat.
Xi Zhu, originated in Sendai, known for its beef tongue dishes, has been established for 40 years. Each beef tongue is rigorously selected and processed in its own factory to maximize the freshness of the ingredients. Such stringent conditions ensure the signature dish beef tongue maintains its unbeatable status in the industry.
It is said that the store owner purchases a whole female Nara prefecture wagyu beef every time, so not only is the price affordable and the meat fresh, but also you can enjoy rare cuts of beef. Classic cuts such as beef belly and shoulder loin are a must-try, while rare cuts like beef cheek meat and diaphragm meat should also be tasted.