What exhibitions should I see in Canberra?

Canberra is a young and vibrant city. The exhibitions here always carry a touch of art or creativity. This list recommends the worthwhile museums for you to visit!

National Museum of Australia

The Australian National Museum houses 8.75 million specimens, and the sheer number is astounding. Be sure to visit the newly opened Landmarks gallery to see the rare and unusual exhibits. And of course, don't forget to allow enough time to appreciate the stunning indigenous artworks in the First Australians Art Gallery!

Australian National Archives of film and sound

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia is responsible for collecting and preserving all films and sound recordings related to Australia, with approximately 1.3 million items in its collection. Through these valuable audiovisual materials, you can easily gain a comprehensive understanding of Australia's history, culture, customs, and social development. In the Sound Garden, you can also use modern facilities to 'plant' your own voice, which is quite interesting.

Australian War Memorial

This is a building somewhat resembling Islamic architecture, with a gray-blue dome, facing the Australian Parliament, mainly used to commemorate all deceased or serving members of the Australian military. The memorial has various exhibition halls and screening rooms, displaying exhibitions related to the Japanese military during World War II, which will be a profound education for the people of the country and definitely worth visiting.
This is the technology museum in Australia, which showcases some interesting and fun things using emerging technologies for visitors. If you are traveling with children, or if you have a childlike heart, this is definitely a good choice. There are all kinds of interesting exhibition machines here, and you will have a unique experience.
If you like art, be sure not to miss it! The oil paintings and sculptures here are absolutely breathtaking, and there is also a café and gift shop at the entrance, where you can enjoy the leisurely pace of the Australians. Because the attractions in Canberra are relatively concentrated, you can visit here, the Parliament, the Art Gallery, and the Science Museum as a tour route.