Good places for shopping in Swiss cities

Some people always say that shopping in Switzerland is very expensive. If you are fond of shopping, how can you control your desire to buy when you come to this country? Let's take a look at this collection of shopping spots.


On both sides of the street are numerous upscale shops with luxurious decorations, displaying precious furs, high-end fashion, watches, jewelry, French perfumes, etc. It is truly a holy land for those who pursue top-tier brands. The side streets branching off from the main road also extend the grandeur of the main street, presenting a constant display of international fashion brands.

Storchengasse, shihaohua Street

Top fashion stores such as Armani, Calvin Klein, and Versace can be found here. As for Swiss souvenirs such as embroidery, lace accessories, and handkerchiefs, you can search for them in the many boutiques in Sturzenegge. If you want to taste freshly made Swiss chocolate, be sure to visit Teuscher in ParadePlatz and Tschuggen in SProngli. The famous Davidoff cigar also has stores in ParadePlatz and Durr in the train station.

Bucherer jewelry store

This is the largest jewelry store in Lucerne, known as the "best European merchant of buying clocks and jewelry". In St.Gallen, there is also a Swiss embroidery center, some of which are produced in the Far East of Asia, but there are also some traditional Swiss embroidery crafts with great collection value.

Berne shopping arcade

"The Shopping Arcade assembles modern fashion stores, jewelry stores, antique stores, handicraft stores, dessert stores and chocolate stores. It is nicknamed as the 'largest traditional shopping center in the world'."


There are many clothing stores on the right side of the road, among which there are many designer brand clothes designed by famous designers from Italy and France. Sturzenegger in front sells lace ornaments and beautiful embroidered tablecloths, as well as coats from St. Gallen.

Kramgasse, Klum Street

After passing the Clock Tower, we arrived at Kramgasse. The shops selling daily necessities began to decrease, and instead, there were more antique stores, furniture stores, gift shops, and leather goods stores. Number 61, Heimatwerk, gathered a large number of Swiss folk crafts, with the highest quantity in Bern. Number 73 was a well-established chocolate shop, Tschirren.

Place du Molard

Place du Molard is a place where many large shopping malls are located. The rich love to spend money around here, making it a rather expensive place. You can find great restaurants, fast food shops, supermarkets, and many take-out windows here.