Plaza Murillo, A Tribute to the Pioneers of Independence

Socabaya, La Paz, Bolivia
There stands a bronze statue of Murillo at the top of the tower


Murillo Square is located in downtown La Paz, Bolivia, in front of the Presidential Palace and adjacent to the city's main cathedral. The square was first built in 1558 and was originally called the "Big Square" and the "Arms Square." In 1909, it was officially renamed Murillo Square to commemorate General Pedro Murillo, a pioneer of Bolivia's independence war. The center of the square used to be a fountain dedicated to Neptune, but it was removed in 1909 and replaced with a monument to General Murillo. The 3-meter-tall monument was designed by Italian sculptor Ferruccio Cantella and has a clear neoclassical style. In addition, there are eight female statues around the square, symbolizing the arts of spring, summer, autumn, winter, painting, architecture, sculpture, and music.
Socabaya, La Paz, Bolivia
If you live in the old city area, you can walk there. If you live in the south area, it is suggested to take a taxi.