Sveti Nikolai Russian Church, A Golden-Domed Russian Orthodox Marvel

Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard


St. Nicholas Miracle Church was built in 1907 and is a Russian Orthodox church. It used to be the official church of the Russian embassy in Bulgaria. The church was built on the site of the destroyed Saray Mosque after Bulgaria's liberation and is named after Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. The church was designed by the famous architect Mikhail Preobrazhenski and supervised by A. Smirnov. The five domes of the church are covered in pure gold and the interior is carefully decorated. In 1914, the church was completed and became an important religious landmark in the area. The underground crypt of the church houses the tomb of St. Archbishop Seraphim, attracting many devout believers for pilgrimage.
Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard
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