Huangshui National Forest Park, Escape to a Cool Summer Paradise

Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Chongqing, Qiyao Mountain


Huangshui National Forest Park is vast with a width of 7 kilometers from north to south, an average altitude of 1,500 meters, and a highest peak of 1,934 meters. It is the only tourist attraction for the Tujia ethnic minority and the largest national forest park in Chongqing. The park has extremely rich tourism resources, including 36 scenic spots such as the Tujia amusement park "Bizzcaca Green Palace", the plateau pearl "Huangshui Lake", the primitive forest "Da Feng Bao", the water wonderland "Wan Sheng Ba", and the "Number One Metasequoia Tree in China". In the summer, the climate of Huangshui National Forest Park is cool, making it an ideal place to avoid the heat. Here, it is not only a natural oxygen bar and natural air conditioner, but also a plant kingdom, a mountain delicacy base, and an animal zoo. In addition to over 3,000 common tree species, the park also protects rare plants such as the "Number One Metasequoia Tree in China", the Chinese fir, the bigleaf magnolia, the Osmanthus tree, the yellow fir, and the Blechnum orientale. Furthermore, the primitive forest area of the park has become a paradise for over 50 wild animals such as leopards, deer, and pheasants, where the footprints of humans are rarely seen.
Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Chongqing, Qiyao Mountain
Opening hours
last admission time: 17:00 (Monday-Sunday from January 1 to December 31)
Yuli Railway: Chongqing North Station to Shizhu County Station, 6 high-speed trains per day, ticket price is 53.5 yuan/person (second class seat) or 64.5 yuan/person (first class seat). The journey takes 1.4 hours. Ordinary train ticket price is 28.5 yuan/person and takes about 2.2 hours. Expressway: from Chongqing Silingqi Bus Station to Shizhu Bus Station (highway all the way), ticket price is 66 yuan/person. After arriving at Shizhu Bus Station, transfer to a bus to Huangshui Tourist Town, with ordinary buses (21 yuan/person) and express buses (28 yuan/person). Upon arrival at Huangshui Town, there are sightseeing buses or tourist buses specifically to various scenic spots, and it only takes 20 minutes from Huangshui Town to each scenic spot.