The most worth visiting landmarks in Brasília

Brasília is famous for its bold architectural buildings and rapid population growth. On April 21, 1960, Brazil relocated its capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília in order to accelerate the development of the interior. Brasília is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the largest city built after the 20th century.

Brazilian National Congress

Two large bowls connected by a steel beam form the Brazilian National Congress building, symbolizing the collection and concentration of public opinion. All for the people! The parliament building consists of two 28-story buildings standing side by side, connected by a hallway in an "H" shape, which is the first letter of the word "person" in Portuguese, symbolizing the legislative purpose of "all for the people".

Brasília TV Tower

TV tower, mistaken as drilling platform, the TV tower and the Capitol building, located on the east and west sides respectively, are in harmony with each other at the ends of the "cabin" main road. You can take the elevator to the TV tower observation deck, where there are many tourists from all over Brazil. Very few Chinese tourists.

Brasília Cathedral

A Catholic cathedral located in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. It serves as the cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brasília and was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. It was completed in 1970. The majority of the church is actually underground, with an exterior consisting of a hyperbolic structure roof made up of 16 reinforced concrete columns, each weighing 90 tons.