Seven parks in Seattle have picnic areas

Seattle has many great picnic spots, including grassy areas, beaches, and some parks that have playgrounds for children. If you don't have time to prepare food, it's okay. Just go to the supermarket and buy some salads, bread, and your favorite snacks. Don't forget to bring a picnic blanket and let's have a picnic together!

Carkeek Park is one of Seattle's most popular parks, just 9 miles from downtown, but with beautiful views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. There are great forest trails, waterfall areas, and large fields, as well as beaches and the ocean. Children will love walking along the train tracks to play on the beach. In addition, there is a special salmon-themed amusement area designed to restore the environment for salmon to return to Pipers Creek.
Matthews Beach is located between Lake Washington and the Burke-Gilman Trail in Washington. There are many picnic tables, a large playground area, and a large grassy field connected to the beach. If the weather is good, don't forget to bring your swimsuit to play in the sand, water, and sun at Matthews Beach Park all day long!

Genesee Park

Genesee Park, close to Columbia City, is located next to Lake Washington. It's perfect to sit under a pavilion, enjoy a picnic, and admire the lake. There are also bike trails for outdoor enthusiasts, and the best part is the dog park, where your furry friends can run free!
This park was originally an abandoned gas plant, but now it has been transformed into a very interesting park. Artists use the old factory machinery to create unique post-industrial art pieces and display them throughout the lawn. The park offers an ideal place to observe the city's sunset and skyline, and during national holidays, you can enjoy a fantastic fireworks show here.

Alki Playground & Whale Trail Park

Alki Beach Park boasts a beautiful narrow beach that stretches from Alki Point to Duwamish Head. Visitors can enjoy swimming, playing beach volleyball, sunbathing, and rollerblading on the sand. One of Seattle's famous attractions, a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty, can also be found here. What's more, this is one of only two beaches in Seattle where bonfires are permitted, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.
Going on a hike during a picnic is also a great choice. If you don't want to go too far to the suburbs, Lakeridge Park would be a good option. It's not far from downtown, but it has dense forests and trails that can make you forget the hustle and bustle. Children will definitely love the wooden bridges and streams here, so explore nature thoroughly!
Located in Ballard, Golden Gardens Park is another Seattle beach park where you can have a bonfire, making it very popular among visitors. It offers stunning views of the entire Puget Sound and has a short trail that leads to a wetland conservation area. You can also picnic on the beach, fish by the pier, and let your dogs run free in the designated area.