Jerusalem: Old City Accommodation Guide

The Old City of Jerusalem is located in the eastern part of Jerusalem. The Temple Mount, located within the Old City, is the holiest place for Jews, and the famous Western Wall is also here. Stay around here to experience the charm of the old city.

The front desk service is excellent, offering assistance with booking day trips, providing maps of the old city, and helping to plan travel routes. The hotel is in a great location, just 5 minutes from the Holy Sepulchre Gardens and a 6-7 minute walk from Damascus Gate. The hotel breakfast is very good, with waiters serving tea and coffee, scrambled eggs and waffles, a variety of salads, and Israeli specialties including falafel and dates.

Hashimi Hotel

The hotel has a beautiful rooftop terrace and elegant garden with a great view of the city. It is said that the hotel has a history of over 400 years, and its decoration reflects a rich historical atmosphere in the details. The location is very convenient, in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, with short walking distance to historical sites and religious attractions.
The hotel's history can be traced back to the nineteenth century. The hotel's underground wine bar has become one of the most famous bars in Jerusalem for its number of wines and history. The hotel is located in the center of Jerusalem, enjoying a peaceful atmosphere, and boasts a swimming pool, gourmet restaurant, garden, high-tech fitness center, and free Wi-Fi coverage throughout.
The hotel has a great location, with a quiet church nearby and famous attractions within walking distance. It's the perfect place to stay while visiting Jerusalem.